World Moto to New Zealand

Press Release | December 21, 2009

Youthstream’s President, Mr. Giuseppe Luongo, is currently in New Zealand and on Wednesday 16th December, on a lovely New Zealand summer’s day, Mr. Geoff Hall, Taupo Motorcycle Club’s President, Mr. Richard Klein, Taupo Motorcycle Club’s Vice-President, Grant Townley, member of Taupo Motorcycle Club and Vicki Townley, member of Taupo Motorcycle Club met Mr. Luongo for a very constructive discussion about a future Motocross Grand Prix in New Zealand.

Negotiations had already started a few months ago but this was an ideal chance for everyone to get together and talk in detail.  This coincides perfectly with Youthstream’s future plan to start bringing in 2011 the MXGPs more and more global as the Taupo Motorcycle Club intend to begin with a long term contract in 2012.  Taupo is situated in the centre of the North Island and in August this year they held the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship which proved a great success for young riders from around the world; through this occasion the Club was able to show their high level of organization and outstanding desire to bring New Zealand onto a world level with regards to Motocross.  They see this is a great opportunity for New Zealand and the region of Taupo to be promoted around the world via the FIM Motocross World Championship’s vast television coverage, internet and media.

Mr. Giuseppe Luongo is excited about expanding the FIM Motocross World Championship to the other side of the planet: “I am delighted to see Taupo interested in joining the FIM Motocross World Championship because New Zealand is one of the most important countries in our sport, many New Zealand riders participate with very successful results in the World Championship even winning world titles with Shayne King and Ben Townley. The Club proved its fabulous competence with the organization of the very successful FIM Junior Motocross World Championship.  The staff is very motivated and they all have a lot of passion, the circuit of Taupo is very beautiful and ready to welcome our elite riders and thousands of fans.”

“This a dream and we really hope it will become true,” Mr. Geoff Hall said with enthusiasm. “For us it would be a great honour to host one round of the FIM Motocross MX1/MX2 World Championship in New Zealand.  This is a great opportunity for all our fans and for New Zealand as a whole to have this huge event in Taupo because an event like this will bring thousands of people to New Zealand from all around the world and it is a great possibility for the tourism and local businesses.  We are currently in negotiation with our government and we really hope to receive the necessary support to secure this prestigious event for 2012, 2013 and 2014, and hopefully for the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations soon after.  We really thank Youthstream and FIM for giving us this opportunity and for the great job they do for the promotion of the FIM Motocross World Championship. With all their efforts and investment they put into having TV and internet we ar e able to follow the entire World Championship from here in New Zealand.”

Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM/CMS President, stated: “This is a very significant step towards the globalisation of the FIM Motocross World Championship. New Zealand has a great tradition in our sport. They have World Champions and the Taupo Motorcycle Club has organised an outstanding FIM Junior Motocross World Championship earlier this year. Congratulations and thanks to all who work so hard on this very important project!”

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