Reed Crowned Super X Champ

Cycle News Staff | December 7, 2009

Reed ended his Super X season in a dominant style, taking the win at the Monster Energy Super X Championship as well as the title at the series finale in Brisbane, Australia. With a perfect three-for-three finish at the QSAC Stadium, Reed captured his first championship on his new ride – a Monster Energy Kawasaki KX450F.

“I just want to say a huge thanks to Kawasaki and Monster Energy,” Reed exclaimed. “I am so excited for the new year. We have had a few ups and downs this series, but that’s racing and it’s great to finish on top.”

The event, which took place in front of nearly 25,000 fans, was the largest in Aussie history. Although heavy rains soaked the course throughout the second half of the program which caused the Triple Challenge race format to be shortened, the action certainly didn’t disappoint as the strongest rider lineup of the year, including Davi Millsaps, Dan Reardon and Kyle Cunningham, took to the course.

CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Jay Marmont grabbed the holeshot in the first moto, but was quickly overtaken by Reed who held the lead to the finish. Rockstar Motul Suzuki’s Matt Moss took second and Woodstock Honda Thor Racing’s Reardon finished third.

The second moto saw Reed taking the holeshot, but Marmont was ready to make his work for the second moto win. The two raced neck and neck for the first two laps before Reed eventually pulled away, leaving Marmont to deal with Red Bull Honda’s Millsaps in the battle for second. Reed again took the win with Millsaps besting Marmont for the runner-up position while Marmont collected third. It was also during this race that Matt Moss had his disastrous crash in the whoops and was carted off on a backboard.

Fortunately for Moss, his championship wasn’t in jeopardy as he already had the Lites title clinched. The overall Lites win in Brisbane went to Cunningham who topped the first moto aboard his Serco Yamaha. Local privateer Brendan Harrison took the second win and Moss’ Rockstar Motul Suzuki teammate Lawson Bobbing took top honors in the third and final Lites moto.

In the third moto of the premier class it was Reardon’s turn to take the holeshot, but his early lead wasn’t to last as Reed quickly took control in the first lap. Millsaps moved in to challenge Reed for the lead, but the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider would not be denied his third win of the evening. Millsaps was left to collect another second-place finish followed by Reardon.

“We really stepped up the series this year and I am proud to be a part of it,” Reed said. “I like the direction the series is going and want to thank everyone involved. I know next year is going to be even bigger and better.”

2009 Monster Energy Super X Results

Triple Challenge Overall

1. Chad Reed (Kaw)

2. Davi Millsaps (Hon)

3. Jay Marmont (Yam)

4. Dan Reardon (Hon)

5. Daniel McCoy (KTM)

6. PJ Larsen (Unk)

7. Tye Simmonds (KTM)

8. Michael Byrne (Hon)

9. Cameron Taylor (Suz)

10. Michael Addison (Unk)

250cc Triple Challenge Overall

1. Kyle Cunningham (Yam)

2. Lawson Bopping (Suz)

3. Brendan Harrison (Yam)

4. Luke Styke (Yam)

5. Luke Arbon (Kaw)

6. Kade Mosig (KTM)

7. Ryan Marmont (Unk)

8. Taylor Potter (Unk)

9. Danny Anderson (KTM)

10. Lewis Woods (Unk)

Super X OPEN Championship Standings

1. Chad Reed (157)

2. Dan Reardon (136)

3. Jay Marmont (134)

4. Tye Simmonds (122)

5. Daniel McCoy (110)

6. Cody Mackie (88)

7. Craig Anderson (82)

8. Cameron Taylor (81)

9. Michael Byrne (80)

10. Robbie Marshall (69)

Super X 250cc Championship Standings

1. Matt Moss (125)

2. Kyle Cunningham (122)

3. Lawson Bopping (116)

4. Ryan Marmont (103)

5. Brendan Harrison (99)

6. Lewis Woods (71)

7. Kirk Gibbs (71)

8. Danny Anderson (68)

9. Adam Monea (66)

10. Luke Arbon (57)