MX Sports Announces Amateur National MX Rule Changes

Press Release | November 10, 2009

MX Sports formally announces the 2010 Supplemental Rules and Class Structure for the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships, to be held August 2-7, 2010, at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. The Supplemental Rules demonstrate only minor updates in rider classification and machine eligibility, but heavy changes occur with regards to the protest fees at the National.”MX Sports wanted to develop a realistic teardown fee structure for the national,” said Jeff Canfield, MX Sports Technical Manager. “We feel that a substantial increase will better represent the actual cost of tearing down a machine.”The class structure has also undergone changes in both the youth and amateur classes such as the creation of a College B/C (17-24) class, Multi Speed 51cc class, as well as a few age and displacement changes to several youth classes.”The college B/C (17-24) class is one of the more popular age divisions across the country,” said MX Sports Director, Tim Cotter. “By adding that class for B and C riders only, it will open the doors to many riders that would typically be unable to qualify for the national.”The addition of the 51cc (4-6) Stock Multi Speed class for four-strokes will run alongside the existing trio of 51cc classes which remain unchanged. Although riders may qualify for the National in any 51cc class, only one may be selected for the National. In addition, the 51cc (4-6) Multi Speed and 51cc Shaft classes will be run together in a staggered start format but scored separately.The Girls class has been modified to create a better transitional class for girls to ride a 150cc 4-stroke, in an effort to mirror the success of the Super Mini 1 (12-15).”We are excited to introduce the 150cc into the Girls class and believe it’s a good fit for girls transitioning into to the Women’s class.” Cotter said. “We believe girls under the age of 11 are strong competitors of their male peers and are encouraged to compete in any of the 51cc to 85cc classes.””Over the years, MX Sports has tweaked our class structure to provide more opportunities for our racing families,” Cotter said. “We’re confident the 2010 rulebook and classes will help serve our racers well.”For the 2010 Supplemental Rules go to: the 2010 Class Structure go to:

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