Halbert Third – With Broken Leg!

Paul Carruthers | November 2, 2009

Sammy Halbert’s hard charge through the pack to third place at the Pomona Fairplex in the final round of the AMA Grand National Twins Championship last Saturday night was impressive. After all, Halbert struck the downed Harley-Davidson of Stevie Bonsey, went airborne, and hit the ground hard -with the early race incident bringing out a red flag and a restart. The Washingtonian then rode a bent motorcycle through the pack to finish third to win the AMA Grand National Championship – a title that’s recognized by everyone except the AMA – by a single point over Joe Kopp.

Well, impressive just turned into miraculous with news that Halbert suffered a broken left leg in the crash. And still rode to third.

“I’m going to another orthopedist tomorrow, but it’s broken – a broken left fibula,” Halbert said today. “I thought it was broken when I first crashed, but I still had work to do. After the restart, it would hurt with every hole I hit. After the race, it seemed like it was getting better so I didn’t think it was broken. But it was.”


Paul Carruthers | Editor

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