West Hare Scrambles Back to the AMA

Press Release | October 6, 2009

As of Oct 1 2009, Off Road Sports LLC (ORS) has returned control of the AMA Western Hare Scrambles back over to the AMA. ORS was one year into a five-year contract to rejuvenate and add life back to the ailing series. The AMA will again have control to issue events under the WHS program.

“It was a difficult decision for me take on the series in the first place but it was a whole different program to manage,” Sean Reddish, CEO of Off Road Sports commented. “I should have dug deeper into the history of the WHS and why is was not moving forward as a program. Some things were obvious such as how disorganized some events would be and how there was no series cohesion. The other was the districts themselves. For a racing system to be worth someone following all over the country there has to be organization from top to bottom, however, that will not be possible since working with 5-10 different club/districts makes that difficult at best.

“In 2001 WORCS racing was developed. Over the last decade, WORCS has drawn the focus of manufacturers and professional racers alike. Furthermore, the manufacturers have stated that they do not want to race another program in this economic climate.”

Off Road Sports will still host one 2010 AMA Western Hare Scrambles in Washington in conjunction with WORCS Bike Week. This is not the end of WHS. The WHS program will still live on run by the AMA. All clubs wishing to host an event should contact the AMA directly.

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