Spangler, Marshal Top Kawasaki Race of Champions

Cycle News Staff | October 7, 2009

Last weekend marked the 33rd annual Kawasaki Team Green Race of Champions at Englishtown New Jersey’s Raceway Park. After rain interrupted Saturday’s amateur program Sunday’s racing took place under virtually perfect weather conditions.Team Green racer Lowell Spangler was the big winner in Open-class racing, winning both motos for the overall. Honda-mounted Phil Nicoletti was second overall with 5-2 finishes and HHR/Rocket Exhaust-backed Michael Leib made the trip from California worth while by going 2-6 for third overall.Robby Marshall’s 3-1 bested Phil Nicoletti’s 1-3 moto finishes for the 250-class overall victory. Suzuki-mounted James Decotis rounded out the podium with 2-4 finishes for third overall.

Result:250 PRO/EXPERT A: 1. Robby Marshall (Suz) 3-1; 2. Phillip Nicoletti (Hon) 1-3; 3. James Decotis (Suz) 2-4; 4. Michael Leib (Hon) 6-2; 5. Broc Schmelyon (Yam) 4-5.OPEN EXPERT A: 1. Lowell Spangler (Kaw) 1-1; 2. Phillip Nicoletti (Hon) 5-2; 3. Michael Leib (Hon) 2-6; 4. Robby Marshall (Suz) 6-3; 5. James Decotis (Suz) 3-7;KESSLER CUP 65cc: 1. Jake Pinhancos (KTM); 2. Miguel Correia (KTM); 3. Andrew Maroney (KTM).TOP GUN MINI SHOOTOUT 85cc: 1. Cooper Webb (Hon); 2. Scott Carpentar (Suz); 3. Alexander Frye (KTM).IRON MAN CLASSIC: 1. Jason Brooks (Yam); 2. Seth Rarick (KTM); 3. Jacob Hayes (Kaw).