Kyle Summers Tops Western Hare Scrambles National

| September 2, 2009

Kyle Summers battled a brutally tough course, extreme heat, dust, and fellow competitors Tim Weigand, Nick Brozovich, Taylor Robert and Brenden Ritzman for three hours to emerge victorious at round five of the AMA Western Hare Scrambles Series, Sunday, August 30. Summers came to Utah just two weeks after recovering from injuries sustained in the WORCS Series. The Valli Motorsports rider was winded and dehydrated after his victory in the extreme conditions, but happy to get a win.

“This was a tough course and it just got harder as the race went on,” said Summers. “That was good for me because I’ve been training hard, but I think we’re all beat. I was worried about Timmy (Weigand) that last lap, because he was pushing me so hard and I didn’t have much left in the tank. But I dug deep and rode the final lap all heart and got the win.”

The holeshot went to Kawasaki’s Taylor Robert who fought with Summers and KTM’s Brenden Ritzman for the lead for most of the first hour. But Robert, who is still recovering after nearly losing a finger, eventually blistered up and could barely hang on. Ritzman had his own issues with air filters clogging due to the heavy and silty dust, and the loss of his water system. Summers got the best of the battle, putting in fast laps, quick pits and eventually getting into clean air out front for the win.

Meanwhile, JCR Racing’s Timmy Weigand was pounding out fast laps and continually moving up with teammate Nick Brozovich in tow. Weigand’s relentless charge took him into the lead pack after the first hour and had him on Summers rear fender for the final lap.

“I did everything I could to get past Summers to win this race,” said Weigand. “But the dust was blinding, and every time I was close enough to pass, we’d hit another silt bed and I wouldn’t be able to see. I actually had to stop once on the last lap to let the dust clear. Kyle rode a great race, but I wanted to beat him today.”

Weigand finished just three seconds behind Summers with Brozovich taking third after coming off the starting line in last place. “I messed up on the start,” said Brozovich. “My Honda started on the first kick and I was so surprised I forgot to put it into gear. By the time I did, everyone got the jump on me. So I had to push hard every lap and deal with the dust. It was a long way up to get to third, but I’m happy to get on the podium for JCR Racing.”

Fourth place went to Robert whose hands were torn and bloody across both palms. Ritzman held on for fifth with Colton Udall in sixth, Gary Sutherlin in seventh and Ian Blythe in eighth. Nine place went to Eric Bailey with training coach Steve Hatch riding “for fun” taking 10th.

Summers victory kept him in the title hunt with Weigand. Weigand leads the AMA WHS Championship with 100 points and one win over Summers, who has 92 points and one win. Ritzman is third with 78 points and one win.


1. Kyle Summers – Yam

2. Timmy Weigand – Hon

3. Nick Brozovich – Hon

4. Taylor Robert – Kaw

5. Brenden Ritzman – KTM

6. Colton Udall – Hon

7. Gary Sutherlin – HSQ

8. Ian Blythe – KTM

9. Eric Bailey – Kaw

10. Steve Hatch – KTM

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