Ridgway Soars High to Victory

Press Release | August 1, 2009

Day two of X Games 15 came to a close as the Super X Adaptive class took the course for their shot at a gold medal and their chance to see their name on the big screen. The Adaptive class, referring to riders with a physical disablement, was nothing short of exciting with multiple riders clearing the finish-line table top, some of whom are paraplegic.

An all star lineup included the likes of Ricky James, Chris Ridgway and Mike Shultz. Although appearing to be the favorites during practice, both Chris Ridgeway and Mike Shultz suffered bad starts, but half way around the track they were on fire and running one and two, respectively.

Two laps in, and it was Ridgeway who began to pull the lead. Running the number one plate which he earned at last years X Games 14, Ridgeway was on point to defend his gold. After five laps it was Ridgway who crossed the finish line in style, clearing the finishline jump in the lead amist the waving checkered flag.

“This is my second X Games Gold Medal, but this one means so much more to me,” Ridgway said. “I have been training for months, and knew I would have to push to beat Mike (Shultz) who is almost 15 years younger then me! It feels good to know that we had the chance to do what we love. Now I guess its time to start training for next year!”

Ridgway now moves over to 4-wheels where he will race the Vegas to Reno in a class one Buggy.

Mike Shultz worked hard to keep up with Ridgway and managed to hold on to second place and the silver medal, while Jason Woods took third and the last X Games 15 medal.

Moto X Super X Adaptive Final Results

1. Chris Ridgway

2. Mike Schultz

3. Jason Woods

4. Jim Wazny

5. Ricky James

6. Samuel Erasmus

7. Theodore Hiracheta

8. Jesse Gildea

9. Nick Pappas

10. George Hammel

11. Ranel Cox

12. Shane Tacker

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