Preston Out At Kawasaki

Paul Carruthers | June 26, 2009

Kawasaki road race team manager Mike Preston was cut loose yesterday at Kawasaki, the long-time Kawasaki employee losing his job as part of a company reorganization that was announced today, according to Kawasaki public relations manager Jan Plessner.”The company had a reorganization and nearly every division was affected and almost every department as well,” Plessner said.Preston had run the AMA road racing team since it was brought in-house following the Rob Muzzy era of Superbike racing. Prior to being the road race manager, Preston ran the Kawasaki factory Jet Ski team and prior to that he was in the testing department.Thus far there have been no announcements as to who will replace Preston or if he will be replaced at all. The road race team was farmed out this season to Attack Kawasaki once the decision was made to stop Superbike racing and concentrate on the new Daytona SportBike class.

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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