San Jose Legends

| April 10, 2009

Rod Lake and P&D Promotions hosted the third annual San Jose Legends event at the Santa Clara County fairgrounds, in the same building used for flat-track races back in the 1970s. The weekend started with open practice on Thursday and then included a Z50 race, a Pro 100 race, a special Legends race, and an East/West Shootout featuring three East Coast riders vs. three West Coast riders on Friday.

Tony Alves was the first winner of the evening, taking the Z50s from pole to pole in front
Tony Davila led the 100 class to the checkers, in front of Mike Besemer.

Eighteen riders signed up to compete in the Legends event, including Rick Hocking, Dana Perri, Rod Spencer, Roy Taboada, “Boo Boo Bob” Scalley, and many more. Perri got the holeshot, followed by Spencer. When they crashed out on lap four, Hocking took over the lead. By lap 11, Perri was back in the hunt in third, behind Bacosa. On lap 12, Bacosa got under Hocking for the front position. Hocking and Perri rounded out the podium. Bacosa, sponsored by Herrara Racing, dedicated his win to his mother, who recently passed away.

The East/West Shootout was impressive. Jake Mataya shot off the line in front. Jethro Halbert was on his tail and pushing, and he took the lead on lap six. Mataya fell back to fifth, while Jimmy Woods (pictured, right) took over the second position, with Sammy Halbert on his rear wheel. Casing the bikes every lap, Woods and Sammy Halbert worked the track. Sammy crashed out on lap 12, giving Mees the third spot, behind Woods. With Jethro still leading, Mees worked his way around Woods. The order at the finish was Jethro Halbert, Mees and Woods.

As is customary, a catered banquet awaited the guests on this night, along with a spectacular video presentation about past and present legends, put together by Trident Films’ Jim Dufner. Attendees included several number-one riders such as Gene Romero, Kenny Roberts, Joe Kopp, Joe Leonard, Rocky Robinson, Eddie Mulder, Eddie Castro and many more. Rod Lake, the master of ceremonies, honored many but specifically Les Edwards of Cycle Imports, a factory Triumph dealer who recently passed away. Another highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Top Oil ACK Attack streamliner motorcycle that broke the FIM land-speed record in Bonneville last September.

Day two of racing started with time trials for the Pro main. Joe Kopp, Brandon Bergen, Mees and Shaun Russell had the fastest qualifying times and won their heats, giving them a spot in the Dash For Cash. This four-lap dash award was donated by the crowd and totaled more than $1,400, which went to the winner, Jared “Ka-Ching” Mees. What a crowd!
As in the old days, the top riders from the heats moved on to the semis and then into the main events. Winners in every race earned cash. Thirty-one riders rode for one of the 10 spots in the Pro main event. Kopp and Mees won the semis. Last year’s winner, Woods, crashed out in his semi, leaving him out of the main.

When the light went green, Kopp, who was on the pole, was also on the throttle and shot in front. Kopp consistently went high in the corners, giving Mees (pictured, right, 21) the opportunity he was hoping for to get under Kopp (pictured, right, 3) on lap three. With time on his side, Mees put some distance on Kopp before Kopp went down when he tucked the front end. Behind the two front-runners, the Halberts were on the move, getting into the second and third spots when Kopp went down. They were followed to the finish by Eric Rickman.

Chris Canepa got the Open consolation holeshot and led this race for all 12 laps, with Austin Helwig behind him. Coming from the back of the pack, Kayl Kolkman worked his way through the crowd from eighth place to finish third.
The 150/230 event had a finish to remember for Dante D’Ambruoso. Coming around the last two corners on the last lap, he participated in a pileup. Getting up from the ground, he looked around and decided that finishing the race by running on foot was the fastest way to the line. The crowd loved it, but he needed a bike to make it legal. Tony Alves, Ryan Chamberlin and Mark Corsetti comprised this podium.

Steven Sandman rode a smooth race from start to finish in the Vintage C main. Tony Sigala and Mary Austin followed him to the checkers.

Rod Spencer showed the Vintage A riders the fast way around the track to win that class. Mike Besemer and Chris Rudy finished second and third, respectively.



LEGENDS: 1. Robert Bacosa; 2. Rick Hocking; 3. Dana Perri; 4. Randy Freeman; 5. Robert Silva; 6. Robert McDonald; 7. Frank Borba; 8. Wayne Karcich; 9. Roy Taboada; 10. Rod Spencer.

Z50: 1. Tony Alves; 2. Mike Besemer; 3. Robbie Cadwallader; 4. Dan Phillips; 5. Rory Muscatell.

100: 1. Tony Davila; 2. Mike Besemer; 3. Kerry Pucchio; 4. Tony Alves; 5. Ray Perez; 6. Ryan Finney; 7. Rory Muscatell; 8. Joe Carillo; 9. Cory Perreault.

230: 1. Tony Alves; 2. Craig Rogers; 3. Dante D’Amruoso; 4. Ted Mello; 5. Dan Phillips; 6. Scott Alves.

EAST VS. WEST: 1. Jethro Halbert; 2. Jared Mees; 3. Jimmy Wood; 4. John Lewis; 5. Jake Mataya; 6. Sammy Halbert.


150/230 PRO: 1. Tony Alves; 2. Ryan Chamberlin; 3. Mark Corsetti; 4. Kerry Puccio; 5. Craig Rigers; 6. Brent Tiernan; 7. Scott Avles; 8. Steve Hill; 9. Dante D Amruoso; 10. Chris Canepa.

OPEN PRO: 1. Jared Mees; 2. Sam Halbert; 3. Jethro Halbert; 4. Eric Rickman; 5. Brandon Bergen; 6. Joe Kopp; 7. John Lewis; 8. Joe Meyer; 9. Matt Burton; 10. Patrick McNamara.

VINT A/B: 1. Rod Spencer; 2. Mike Besemer; 3. Chris Rudy; 4. Robert Bacosa; 5. Randy Freeman; 6. Roy Taboada; 7. Bob Scally; 8. John Larson; 9. Dan Phillips; 10. Dana Perri.

: 1. Steven Sandman; 2. Tony Sigala; 3. Maury Austin; 4. Robert Bacosa Jr.; 5. Jason Craven; 6. James Torpey.

By Karen Gould