KTM Signs Whitmore

Press Release | April 9, 2009

The following is a release from KTM:

KTM Motorsports announced the signing of Sarah Whitmore for the 2009 Women’s Motocross Series. Whitmore signed a two-year deal with KTM Motorsports, which includes the 2009 WMA Series and the 2010 WORCS Series. Whitmore, a four-time Loretta Lynn’s National Champion is currently ranked third in the WMA Series. Her infectious smile and interest in exploring the off-road racing world as well as continuing with her motocross roots makes her the perfect fit for KTM.

“KTM is looking forward to its relationship with Sarah as we have been looking to get involved in the WMA Series. The WMA Series will be held on the same day as the Motocross National and will also receive television coverage, which is beneficial to the growth of that series. We feel Sarah will represent KTM very well in that series as she has always portrayed herself professionally and as a strong competitor,” stated Director of Racing for KTM, Kurt Nicoll.

“I’m extremely happy to begin my relationship with KTM,” Whitmore said. “I have been testing the bike the past two months and felt comfortable right from the start. It has a powerful engine and corners amazingly well. I can’t wait for the start of the WMA season.”

KTM currently sponsors women racers in the WORCS Series, ATV GNCC Series and Canadian Motocross Championship Series and is excited to support Whitmore in her quest for the Women’s Motocross Championship title.

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