Tune In to Lake Havasu WORCS Live

| March 18, 2009

TheORC.com is going to host live audio from round three of the WORCS calendar at Lake Havasu on March 21-22.

For the first time in WORCS history live audio will be available for listener’s world wide as the best offroad riders take the stage at what has become one of the most anticipated races of the year. Wanting to listen to how your favorite C, B, A, Mini, or Women’s class rider is doing? Do not worry; we are going to host audio from the entire weekend with the Pro class on Sunday being the main event. In addition to live audio, TheORC.com will be bringing you a variety of videos including The Fastest Five Minutes in Motorsports and the “Saturday Racing Video” brought to you by AP Racing USA and produced by Wiley Watson of Production 262.

TheORC.com will celebrate round three of the WORCS calendar the following week online in what we call WORCS Week. This will include MEGA Galleries, rider blogs, in depth race reports, Rider of the Week profile, and lifestyle reports from Havasu.

There will be a live audio link on the homepage of TheORC.com Saturday morning March 21st and we thank you for logging on.


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