SuperSport To Run Today: UPDATED

Paul Carruthers | March 21, 2009

The AMA Pro SuperSport race at Auto Club Speedway will be held this afternoon and not tomorrow morning, as originally scheduled, due to the inclement weather that is expected to hit Southern California tomorrow.The race will run today after the AMA Pro Daytona Sportbike race that is scheduled for today at 4 p.m.”Virtually every online weather service is predicting the high probability of inclement weather tomorrow,” said AMA Pro President Roger Edmondson in a release issued today at the Speedway. “The only class that does not have provisions for rain tires this weekend is AMA Pro SuperSport presented by Shoei, so the decision was made to run their feature event at the end of today’s schedule.If rain does hit tomorrow, there are likely to be more troubles as several of the top American Superbike riders have already said they will not race at Auto Club Speedway in wet conditions.While Edmondson was quoted in the release as saying that AMA SuperSport class doesn’t have provisions for rain tires, the rulebook says otherwise… and Dunlop has four trucks here – one of which containing only rain tires. The following is from the AMA Pro Rulebook…

x. In the event of wet racing conditions:. American Superbike entrants will be allowed three (3) rearintermediates (DOT) and three (3) front intermediates(DOT) that will count against their tire allocation.2. In American Superbike and Daytona SportBike, competitorswill be allowed four (4) full wet rear and four (4) full wet front(Double Header Race Event) or three (3) full wet rear and three (3) full wet front (Single Race Event).3. Competitors in SuperSport will be allowed two (2) full wet rear and two (2) full wet front.

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