Pedrosa’s Surgery A Success

Press Release | March 4, 2009

The following is from Repsol Honda…After the diagnosis made yesterday at the USP Institut Universitari Dexeus in Barcelona upon his return from the Circuit of Losail (Qatar), Dani Pedrosa was operated on today to correct his injured left knee and arm. He entered the operating theatre at 19:30 to be operated on by Doctors Bartolom√© Ferreira, specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Dr. Xavier Mir, Head of the Hand Surgery Microsurgery Unit at the USP Institut Universitari Dexeus.Dani Pedrosa was diagnosed as suffering from a loss of internal matter on his left knee and a fractured left distal radius that was affecting the wrist joint on his left arm. The two doctors carried out the three hour operation at the same time. The longer one being the surgery to the left knee.According to Dr. Ferreira, a specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery “Dani Pedrosa received a graft on the open wound using a rotation graft (a graft of skin and fat taken from the inside of his left thigh) to cover the affected area. We must now wait for scar tissue to form; the patient will be able to start moving a little within three weeks and within a minimum of four he can begin to bend the leg.”Dr. Xavier Mir carried out an arthroscopy on Pedrosa at the same time “with this the fracture on the left distal radius, which was affecting the joint, has been repaired, it was then fixed with a titanium screw. The functioning of the affected zone will begin within ten days, in the meantime Dani Pedrosa will stay in hospital for the next 72 hours.”

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