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Press Release | March 13, 2009

The following is from Jake Holden’s publicist…Three time AMA race winner Jake Holden is “all in” for the remainder of the 2009 season. After finding himself without a ride for the 2009 season, Jake Holden pulled out the credit card and bought himself a 2009 Honda CBR1000RR the Saturday before Daytona.With virtually no budget, and even less time, Jake’s 2008 AMA mechanics Cody Chesebrough and Marty Ashmore set about race prepping the machine. Holden’s machine arrived at Daytona on Tuesday morning with the stock forks, brakes, wheels, motor, engine, and even the stock exhaust. Holden himself walked the garage areas of Daytona in search of products and support that could make his machine a little more competitive.Jake was able to find support from Bazzaz, EBC, GPR Stabilizer, LeoVince Exhausts, Penske, Shoei, Sidi, Taylor Made, Traxxion Dynamics, Vortex and his fellow competitors.With Holden Racing still building the bike on Wednesday, Jake sat out the first practice session. With limited time on track and a bone stock engine that refused to rev past 13,500rpm Holden qualified 24th for the American Superbike race. Looking to improve on their qualifying position in the race, Holden Racing made a last minute gearing gamble. The gamble didn’t pay off as the bike was hitting the stock rev limiter before entering the tri-oval. Realizing his setup was uncompetitive and he ran the risk of damaging the motor, Holden pulled in to the pits. The Cinderella story was not to be.Holden rode an emotional roller coaster leading up to Daytona-finding out he didn’t have a ride in 2009, last minute Daytona rides falling through, thinking he was going to be watching, finally pulling out his credit card and buying a bike. That roller coaster ride made Jake realize something, he is committed to competing at the level he knows he is capable of.”I’m not happy with how Daytona went,” says Holden, “I’m not happy with riding around in fifteenth. I’m all in for as long as my money lasts in 2009. I’m going to spend what I can to get my machine competitive so that I can run up front. After winning races in 2007 and 2008, it’s hard to be happy about riding around in the back. I’m all in now. The only way to get back where I want to be is to run up front. If I have to spend my own money to make that happen, then that is what I will do. For Fontana, we are going to arrive with two bikes. My 2009 Honda that Carry Andrew is building right now, and a 2007 GSXR1000 I’m borrowing from John Dugan. I have had success on both brands, I won the race last year at Fontana on a CBR1000, but my fastest lap ever around Fontana was on a 2007 GSXR1000. Whichever bike is more competitive is the bike I am going to ride. I need to get results so that I can attract more sponsorship to my program, or get an offer to ride for another team.”For Jake Holden sponsorship inquiries or ride opportunities contact:

Murph (Michael Murphy)

Syndicate Motorsport Management, LLC

+1 831 464 3458 or


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