Jeremy Lusk Critically Injured

Press Release | February 8, 2009

In speaking directly to Costa Rican Journalist, Jose Luis Rodriguez, journalist for the largest newspaper in Costa Rica, La Nacion ( who covered Jeremy’s terrible crash and subsequent hospitalization, here are the facts, to date, as we know them:

• Jeremy Lusk was transported to Calderon Hospital in San Jose, where he now remains in a medically induced coma, in stable, but very critical condition where doctors are closely monitoring the swelling on his brain.

• Post-crash, suspected brain trauma required immediate surgery to treat a subdural hematoma on the brain.

• Surgery lasted four hours and 30 minutes.

• X-rays were done to the neck and spinal column and no breaks are being reported by hospital.

• When asked about injuries to other parts of his body, hospital is not reporting other injuries at this time.

• Jeremy was attended to by the head of neurological surgery, Dr. Jorge Ramirez.

• Doctors report that they will know more Jeremy’s future prognosis within the next crucial 36 to 48 hours.

Contact has been made with the Critical Care Trauma Unit at Calderon hospital, where the unit charge tech, confirmed all of the information above.

His wife Lauren, and her Dad, arrived in Costa Rica early this morning-Brian Deegan and others left Southern California early this morning bound for the Costa Rican hospital.

Communication with Costa Rica, via the Embassy, the media and the hospital will continue all throughout the day therefore, updates will certainly be released as we get them. Please note we are getting all of our information in Spanish and then translating it out for release.

Please pray for Jeremy.

By Press Release