Schwantz Schools To Barber

Paul Carruthers | January 7, 2009
With the official announcement slated to come later today, Kevin Schwantz announced last night on Pit Pass Radio that his Kevin Schwantz Suzuki Schools would be moving from Road Atlanta to Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.

In addition, Schwantz will also hold what he calls Kevin Schwantz Super Schools that will use Honda motorcycles.

“What’s going on in the Kevin Schwantz world these days is that the Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School is moving from Road Atlanta to Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama,” Schwantz said on the internet radio show last night. “It’s been eight great years at Road Atlanta and the school has continued to grow, continued to have a lot of returning students and it’s just a great educational program. I feel like the facility at Barber with the track, the museum… it’s so based around motorcycling. People can come in and ride and become better motorcycle riders and also learn a bit about the sport of motorcycling and its heritage…. It will be the new home for the Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School.”

As for the Honda part of the announcement, Schwantz added: “I’m trying to get more manufacturers to take that leap of faith and hope that I can keep things unbiased and keep it more about riding and not what brands to buy. With that being said, I also have a commitment from my dear friends at Honda to do some schools with them as well and we’ll call those Kevin Schwantz Super Schools and we’ll have both Suzukis and Hondas available to ride.”

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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