New Rules Package Released

Paul Carruthers | October 21, 2008
The following is from AMA Pro Racing…

AMA Pro Racing released today the new 2009 rules changes intended to reduce the cost of racing while providing a platform of rules to encourage new participation from manufactures, teams and riders, while not discouraging the existing riders and teams.

These rules are intended only as a guide until the final 2009 AMA Pro Racing – Flat Track rulebook has been issued.


GNC PRO SPORT – Short Track, TT, Half Mile & Mile

Pro Sport License Required

450cc Production based equipment

GNC SINGLES – Short Track & TT

GNC License Required

450cc Production based equipment

GNC TWINS – Half Mile & Mile

GNC License Required

550cc-700cc Unrestricted no weight limit

701cc-1000cc Restrictors with weight limits


1) Titanium may not be used for axles, swing arm pivot bolt or exhaust headers unless headers are standard OE equipment.

2) Spec Fuel (TBA)

3) Restart Procedure

– No motorcycle may have work performed.

– Under the discretion of the referee, items may be removed from motorcycles prior to the restart for safety purposes.

– Under the discretion of the referee, the motorcycle involved in the crash may be used for the restart.

– Under the discretion of the referee, riders involved in the accident may use an assigned back-up bike.

– There will be no two minute allowances given for restarts.

4) Dyno test may be conducted at anytime.

5) Mechanics must be in team uniform with a collar shirt to be allowed in Hot Pit, Signaling and Starting areas.

6) All ignitions must be approved as homologated original.

7) Front fenders are not allowed.

8) All motorcycles, including stock production frames, must have front number plates with minimum dimensions of 10 inches high and 12 inches wide.

9) The official scale used at the meet will be the only scales used for weight verification and will be final.

10) Electronic lap timing devices are not permitted other than the AMA issued transponders utilized for official timing and scoring purposes.

11) No onboard active data acquisition.

12) Spec Tires (TBA) with compounds equivalent too;

Front CD5

Rear CD8

13) Provisional Start Card

– Top 10 Singles finishers from the prior championship season will receive one Provisional Start Card for use to qualify for advancement into a Singles Championship Final, and the Top 10 Twins Championship finishers from the prior championship season will receive one Provisional Start Card for use to qualify for advancement into a Twins Championship Final.


1) 550cc-700cc No Restrictor No weight restrictions

2) 701cc-1200cc 32mm restrictor with a one sixteenth hole drilled in the restrictor 19.5 mm from the restrictors centerline to the holes centerline with no champers as a means to reduce puddling. No maximum size upstream or downstream from the restrictor, however upstream can not be smaller than 37.5 mm for one inch and downstream no smaller than 34.5 mm, for a distance of one inch.

3) 701cc-1200cc Minimum Weight 310 lbs without fuel -314 with fuel.

4) Engine displacement may be changed to achieve 550cc-700cc limits or 701cc-1000cc limits with the exception of racing-only engines.


1) Frame

– Homologated stock OEM main frame must be utilized.

– Strengthening gussets and tubes may be added

– Stock radiator and shock reservoir locations may not be changed or altered.

– Must use stock or readily available aftermarket radiator shrouds and number plate side panels.

– Steering head angle, shock linkage location, swing arm pivot location and engine location may not be changed or altered.

– Subframes may be replaced with readily available aftermarket units of steel or aluminum, but must utilize original mounting points.

– Cracked or broken frames are prohibited.

– All stands must be removed.

2) Homologated stock Swingarm must be utilized.

– Only modifications permitted are the attachment of stand mounts and to allow the fitment of readily available non-stock brake components, spacers, axles and wheels.

– Modifications are not allowed to alter the fore or aft axle adjustment dimensions or any other pivot or linkage locations from that of the homologated swingarm.

3) Engine – Stock valve location, angle and dimension must remain stock.


GNC HT 1 10-Laps 1-4 to main 5-16 to semi

GNC HT 2 10-Laps 1-4 to main 5-16 to semi

GNC HT 3 10-Laps 1-4 to main 5-16 to semi

PRO SPORT HT 1 8-Laps 1-9 to main

PRO SPORT HT 2 8-Laps 1-9 to main

GNC DASH 6-Laps Top 5 From Timed Qualifying

GNC SEMI 1 8-Laps 1-3 to main

GNC SEMI 2 8-Laps 1-3 to main

PRO SPORT NAT’L 12-Laps 18-Riders

GNC NATIONAL 25-Laps 18-Riders




1st 5, 2nd 4, 3rd 3, 4th 2, 5th 1

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