Infineon Raceway Comments

Paul Carruthers | September 27, 2008
The following is a statement from Steve Page, president and general manager of Infineon Raceway, regarding today’s announcement of the 2009 AMA Pro Road Racing Series schedule. The 2009 Kawasaki Showdown at Infineon Raceway will take place May 15-17.

“There is a passionate motorcycling community in Northern California that looks to Infineon Raceway as a center for competitive and entertaining racing. To meet that demand, we need a program that is competently managed, that promotes competition among quality riders and equipment and that ultimately offers a sustainable business model for us as promoters. Unfortunately, those are not qualities that have characterized AMA Superbike racing in recent years.

“Like others, we’ve been frustrated by the cloud of confusion and controversy that has hung over the 2009 AMA Pro Racing season, but the time has come to make commitments and move forward. We have a long history with Roger Edmondson, we have confidence in his integrity and judgment and we believe he will bring strong and fair management to a series that has lacked both. Along with the other premier tracks on this schedule, we have a commitment from Roger to maintain an aggressive outreach effort to draw all of the major industry players into this series. We know those efforts will continue and look forward to offering our fans a terrific weekend of racing next May.”

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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