R.I.P Toriano Wilson

Paul Carruthers | August 18, 2008

Red Bull Rookies Cup racer Toriano Wilson of Bermuda, 14, has died of injuries he received yesterday at Virginia International Raceway.

Wilson was one of three riders – Luciano Ribodino of Argentina and Garet Tomlinson of Aledo, Texas, were the other two – involved in a first-lap crash on Sunday at VIR. Wilson was air-lifted to the North Carolina Medical Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where he passed away later that day.

Ribodino was air-lifted to Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, where he is currently in stable condition with a broken left arm and broken left femur. Tomlinson was uninjured in the accident.

The following is from Red Bull…

Toriano Wilson, a road racer from Bermuda, fell on the track during the first lap and was accidentally struck by another rider while attempting to get out of the way.

Toriano was airlifted to UNC Medical Center for treatment, but later succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead early Monday morning. The other rider was transported to Duke Medical Center in Durham, NC and suffered a broken left arm and broken left femur. He is in a stable condition.

The AMA and Red Bull have a long history in racing and every effort is made to create the safest possible environment for all participants. Unfortunately, racing also carries inherent risks. This was a tragic accident and our thoughts are with both families at this time.

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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