Pearson Prevails in Utah National Hare & Hound

| April 7, 2008

Round four of the AMA/FMF National Hare and Hound series took the racers out of the desert and into the trees. Three different lead changes allowed each of the top riders a dust free view and ultimately kept the top two racers less than thirty seconds apart.

A surprise appearance by past Hare and Hound champ Russ Pearson meant that cousin David and Kawasaki’s Destry Abbott would have to be on their toes. In the mix yet again was 16-year-old Kawasaki phenom Josh Morros.

Off the start it was all Russ Pearson as he was able to make it cleanly through the choppy bomb run. Followed closely by the KTM of David Pearson, and Kawasaki of Destry Abbott, the three headed into the Little Sahara sand dunes.

By mile marker 10 Josh Morros had made the pass on all three Hare and Hound champions and was determined to be up front into the pits. Behind Josh were the Pearsons, who despite being family, were not going to go easy on one another!

“Everything was going really good,” said Russ Pearson. “ Josh Morros and I were battling back and forth for first and second for almost the whole first loop. At one point I had happily settled into second, and all of the sudden my little cousin just went right by me. I knew he was back there, but I didn’t realize how close.”

Unfortunately for Josh, however, a tree would get into the way and cause Josh to loose time as he fought to remove his bike and kick it over.

Teammate Abbott had a rough day as bike problems plagued him the entire race.

“I Felt like my pilot jet had backed out,” said Abbott. “The whole race I had to stay on the gas in order to keep the bike running. I would use my front brake to assist in the tight turns, but it was difficult to keep my bike running. I’m disappointed with the finish, but happy that I stayed close enough to keep myself in first place for the overall points chase, That is the important part!”

Destry finished the race in third overall and still holds on to first overall in points, after four of eight rounds.

Morros finished the race just behind Abbott and took a fourth overall. After Josh, David Kamo held on to a strong finish and placed fifth overall.

Out of the pits it was all about the Pearsons. Despite a hard push by his cousin, David was able to lead the entire race and cross the finish line thirty seconds ahead of Russ. David came through the scoring shoot with his son on his lap, and looked happy to be in first after a disappointing round three.

By Ryan Sanders