Smage’s Big Adventure

Press Release | February 28, 2008

It’s been a busy off-season for 2007 AMA/NATC Observed Trials Championship and AMA Athlete of the Year Patrick Smage from Elkhorn, Wisconsin. AMA District 16’s little kid is now a 17 years old and setting his sights globally in 2008. Patrick Smage will contest the entire FIM World Trials Championships, starting in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg at the end of March – and ending the ten round world tour at Castelloli, Spain in September.

Last year Patrick rode five of the 12 World Rounds, with two first place finishes, two three place finishes and a over-all 6th World place ranking in the FIM 125 Youth Championships. This year, Patrick, who’s been dubbed by the European Press as “America’s Wunderkid” has his eye on the top World spot. To say it’s been awhile would be a understatement. The last American to win a World trials title was Bernie Schreiber in 1979.

Pat will spend few weeks in Spain at the Joan Pons Sherco Academy. He’s been there a week already. Pat competed in his first Spanish National last weekend, finishing by his own admission, a disappointing 11th place in the TR2 class. He will be home mid-March for the Sooner Cup in Oklahoma and spend time with the family for Easter before heading back to Spain and stay with David Chavez.

Keeping with the global theme, Pat will fly back to the United States to contest the non-conflicting U.S. National Trials rounds, hoping to defend his 2007 title. He will be mounted on a specially prepared Paxau Sherco 125 for the World Rounds and his RYPactric Special Sherco 2.9 for the AMA Nationals.

Sherco USA’s Brad Baumert has set-up Pat’s personal blog so everyone can keep track of his World adventures. Also, we would humbly like to request any monetary donation to help off-set the huge costs to attempt the entire World series. With the exchange rate at its current high level, your donation to his effort to be a World Champion is very much appreciated. After all, this isn’t just for Patrick. This is for America!

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