Hatch Tops Colorado ISDE Qualifier

Press Release | May 29, 2007

KTM rider Steve Hatch (center) rode to victory at round three of the AMA ISDE Qualifier Series held in Trinidad, Colorado, May 26-27. The E2-class rider overalled day one over Texas Enduro Champion, KTM pilot Cole Kirkpatrick (right), who finished 28 seconds back for second overall and in second in E2. Team Honda’s Quinn Cody (left) rode a CRF450X to the overall victory on day two, but his combined scores were only good enough for third overall and third in E2.

David Kamo piloted a KTM to fourth overall and first in E3 over the KTM of Dave Neumeister and Beta-mounted Jordan Brandt, who finished just behind Neumeister at 10th overall.

ISDE Veteran, Ron Schmelzle rode a KTM 250XCF to the top of the podium in E1, sixth overall, topping 16-year-old Ian Blythe, who screamed his YZ125 to second E1 and eighth overall.

The E4 class, for riders over 40 years of age was the property of Rob Weiher. The Colorado-based rider took his YZ250 to a strong victory on day one, topping Bill Rush by over one and a half minutes, but a broken handlebar just prior to the final test on day two had him sweating it. Weiher persevered though, steering the bike with the throttle side, while holding the clutch side in his lap through the test and the final four miles of transfer trail to the finish. Because of his strong day one performance, Weiher was able to hang on to the overall by 15 seconds over Rush. Paul Reschke motored to his way to third in E4 on the weekend.

Nicole Bradford topped the E5, class for women. Riding a KTM 250XCF, Bradford finished a solid five minutes ahead of Gas Gas-mounted Lacy Jones, while Sarah Neff finished close behind on a Yamaha for the final podium position.


O/A: Steve Hatch (KTM); 2. Cole Kirkpatrick (KTM); 3. Quinn Cody (Hon); 4. David Kamo (KTM); 5. Rory Sullivan (KTM); 6. Ron Schmelzle (KTM); 7. Kyle Summers (Kaw); 8. Ian Blythe (Yam); 9. Dave Neumeister (KTM); 10. Jordan Brandt (Bet).

E1: Ron Schmelzle (KTM); 2. Ian Blythe (Yam); 3. Bryan Norman (Hon); 4. Wes McKnight (Hon); 5. Nick Hamill (KTM).

E2: Steve Hatch (KTM); 2. Cole Kirkpatrick (KTM); 3. Quinn Cody (Hon); 4. Rory Sullivan (KTM); 5. Kyle Summers (Kaw).

E3: 1. David Kamo (KTM); 2. Dave Neumeister (KTM); 3. Jordan Brandt (Bet); 4. Fred Hoess (Hbg); 5. Jeff O’Leary (KTM).

E4: Rob Weiher (Yam); 2. Bill Rush (KTM); 3. Paul Reschke (KTM); 4. Randy Mastin (Yam); 5. Chilly White (KTM).

E5: . Nicole Bradford (KTM); 2. Lacy Jones (GG); 3. Sarah Neff (Yam).

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