Coppins and Cairoli Continue to Dominate

| April 16, 2007

In front of 22,000 spectators Rinaldi Yamaha rider Josh Coppins and De Carli Yamaha rider Antonio Cairoli have given the blue bikes another double GP victory with wins in the MX1 and MX2 classes. For Coppins it was an amazing performance. The New Zealander went 1-1 leading home Suzuki factory rider Kevin Strijbos and Sarholz KTM rider Max Nagl, who took his first GP podium.

In the MX2 class it was De Carli Yamaha rider Cairoli who got the win, although it was another classic battle between the Italian and defending World MX2 champion Christophe Pourcel (Kawasaki). Cairoli went 2-1, taking the win, while Pourcel went 1-2. Third place was South African Tyla Rattray of the KTM factory team.

Coppins cruised to an easy victory over Strijbos and Nagl, and took the lead from American CAS Honda rider Mike Brown in the first moto. Brown led the first three laps, but succumbed to arm pump on the rough and rutted track, and slipped backwards to finish an ultimate 12th place.

No one seemed able to match Coppins’ pace, as he cruised to another win in the second moto, taking the overall with a 1-1 victory.

“I expected it to be good,” Coppins said of the track conditions. “You never know you can win for sure and I had a good feeling in these conditions. We had some problems in Valkenswaard and we worked on these. I saw some doctors and worked on some flexibilty on my pelvis and we also worked on the bike. We improved the power and the suspension and we improved my riding. I kept focused and worked hard.”

The battle in the MX2 class came down to the last lap of Moto 2, where Cairoli literally stole the win from factory Kawasaki’s Christophe Pourcel. The first moto went to Pourcel while Cairoli rode conservative to a second-place finish. But in the second moto, Cairoli rode like a man posessed and reeled in the defending MX2 World Champion and passed him to finish 2-1 to Pourcel’s 1-2, giving him the overall win at the GP of Spain.

“Yes, I am happy for this race!” said an ecstatic Cairoli. ” I feel good on this track and I have never won here. Last year I lost my championship here, so this is for me a black race, this year I didn’t want to make mistakes and I risked a little to pass him and get the win. My condition is very good and I could push hard for the 40 minutes.”

Christophe Pourcel talked about getting passed by the Yamaha rider.

“I get the holeshot and I felt good on the bike,” Pourcel said, “but both times at the end of the race Antonio caught me and passed me. The race was okay, he just pushed me inside a corner. I was surprised, but it was correct. It’s a long championship, so I can do soemthing later in the rounds.”

Grand Prix of Spain

Bellpuig, Spain

Results: April 15, 2007 (Round 2 of 15)

MX1 Moto 1: 1. Joshua Coppins (Yam); 2. Kevin Strijbos (Suz); 3. Steve Ramon (Suz); 4. Jonathan Barragan (KTM); 5. Max Nagl (KTM); 6. Ken De Dijcker (Hon); 7. Kornel Nemeth (Suz); 8. Davide Philippaerts (KTM); 9. Tanel Leok (Kaw); 10. James Noble (Hon); 11. Sebastien Pourcel (Kaw); 12. Mike Brown (Hon); 13. Cyrille Coulon (Hon); 14. Marc De Reuver (Yam); 15. Thomas Allier (Kaw).

MX1 Moto 2: 1. Joshua Coppins (Yam); 2. Max Nagl (KTM); 3. Kevin Strijbos (Suz); 4. Sebastien Pourcel (Kaw); 5. Billy MacKenzie (Kaw); 6. Jonathan Barragan (KTM); 7. Tanel Leok (Kaw). 8. Davide Philippaerts (KTM) 9. Ken De Dijcker (Hon); 10. Marc De Reuver (Yam); 11. Thomas Allier (Kaw); 12. Manuel Priem (TM); 13. Mike Brown (Hon); 14. Aigar Leok (Yam); 15. Steve Ramon (Suz).

MX1 O/A: 1. Joshua Coppins (50); 2. Kevin Strijbos (42); 3. Max Nagl (38); 4. Jonathan Barragan (33); 5. Sebastien Pourcel (28); 6. Ken de Dijcker (28); 7. Tanel Leok (26); 8. Davide Philippaerts (26); 9. Steve Ramon (26); 10. Marc De Reuver (18).

FIM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MX1 SERIES STANDINGS (After two of 15 rounds): 1. Joshua Coppins (97/2 wins); 2. Kevin Strijbos (78); 3. Jonathan Barragan (74); 4. Max Nagl (63); 5. Steve Ramon (63); 6. Ken De Dijcker (61); 7. Marc De Reuver (53); 8. Tanel Leok (43); 9. James Noble (40); 10. Mike Brown (36).

MX2 Moto 1: 1. Christophe Pourcel (Kaw); 2. Antonio Cairoli (Yam); 3. Erik Eggens (Suz); 4. Tyla Rattray (KTM); 5. Pascal Leuret (Hon); 7. Manuel Monni (Yam); 8. Marcus Schiffer (KTM); 9. Jeremy Van Horebeke (KTM); 10. Matti Seistola (Hon); 11. Tom Church (Kaw); 12. Kenneth Gundersen (Yam); 13. Steven Frossard (Suz); 14. Carl Nunn (Yam); 15. Jason Dougan (Suz).

MX2 Moto 2: 1. Antonio Cairoli (Yam); 2. Christophe Pourcel (Kaw); 3. Tyla Rattray (KTM); 4. Tommy Searle (KTM); 5. Nicolas Aubin (KTM); 6. Pascal Leuret (Hon); 7. Matteo Bonini (Yam); 8. Manuel Monni (Yam); 9. Xavier Boog (Suz); 10. Matti Seistola (Hon); 11. Steven Frossard (Suz); 12. Shaun Simpson (Kaw); 13. Marcus Schiffer (KTM); 14. Kenneth Gundersen (Yam); 15. Tom Church (Kaw).

MX2 O/A: 1. Antonio Cairoli (47); 2. Christophe Pourcel (47); 3. Tyla Rattray (38); 4. Tommy Searle (33); 5. Pascal Leuret (31); 6. Manuel Monni (27); 7. Matti Seistola (22); 8. Marcus Schiffer (21); 9. Erik Eggens (20); 10. Steven Frossard (18).

FIM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MX2 SERIES POINTS STANDINGS: 1. Antono Cairoli (97/2 wins); 2. Tyla Rattray (82); 3. Christophe Pourcel (81); 4. Erik Eggens (54); 5. Pascal Leuret (53); 6. Kenneth Gundersen (50); 7. Marcus Schiffer (48); 8. Tommy Searle (44); 9. Nicolas Aubin (44); 10. Gareth Swaenepoel (41).

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