Lafferty Again At Alligator Enduro

Kit Palmer | March 9, 2007

Red Bull KTM’s Mike Lafferty (pictured) won the 57th running of the Alligator Enduro in Daytona Beach, Florida, yesterday. Lafferty and defending AMA National Enduro Champion Russell Bobbitt went head to head, with the veteran Lafferty taking the win with a three-point edge. Lafferty dropped eight points to Bobbitt’s 11.

Lafferty said that, if his memory serves him correctly, it was his ninth win at the infamous Alligator Enduro, hosted by the Daytona Dirt Riders.

Lafferty got a quick jump on Bobbitt, gaining two points on the current champ in the first points-taking section early in the morning. Lafferty would add another point in the final special test of the day to sew up the victory on what was mild and sunny day in Florida.

Third overall went to KTM rider Stephen Edmondson who dropped 12 points, while Fred Hoess and Leonard Keen both dropped the identical score of 14.757. Hoess was awarded fourth having the better score in the final tie-breaker check.

Eight-time National Enduro Champion Dick Burleson won the A Masters class.


OVERALL: 1. Mike Lafferty (8); 2. Russell Bobbitt (11); 3. Stephen Edmondson (12); 4. Fred Hoess (14.757); 5. Leonard Keen (14.757); 6. Brooks Hamilton (14.777); 7. Johnny Barber (14.817); 8. Fred Andrews (16); 9. Jake Korn (16.882); 10. Trey Wellborn (16.883); 11. Aaron Kopp (16.913); 12. Brad Bakken (18.891); 13. Lee Hallman (18.970); 14. J.T. Bennett (18.971); 15. Jeff Parke (18.992); 16. Kevin Foley (18.999); 17. Dennis Decker (19.1014); 18. Russell Eply (19.1056); 19. Travis Hayes (20.999); 20. John Burghard Jr. (20.1041).

Kit Palmer | Off-Road Editor

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