Mr. Superpole Does It Again

| February 23, 2007

The following is from Troy Corser’s publicist…There is a reason where Troy is called ‘Mr Superpole’ and today he once again showed why he has been given that title. Despite this being the very first race weekend with a new bike and a new team and despite a crash in the afternoon session just before Superpole, Troy stormed round the 5.380 Km Qatar circuit in 1:58.402 – one and a half seconds inside the lap record! And all this was achieved with a very sore left hand, hurt when the hand was trapped under the bike when Troy fell in the second turn this afternoon! _______________________________________________________ TROY – 1st, 1:58.402I’ve had two crashes this weekend and that’s two too many for me! This afternoon, I just tipped off at turn two when my Yamaha came round on me and down I went. My left hand was caught under the bar and then the clip-on broke and my hand got jammed in the fairing and it was that or the track that gave it a thump. I may have broken a small bone in the top of the hand, but I can work my fingers and wrist OK and it didn’t give me any trouble at all on my Superpole lap. I’m pretty happy with how the bike is working, especially after we made some adjustments to the fork settings today. It’s something Nori has been working on and I’ve tried it today and it’s an improvement for sure. I’ll fine-tune it to my own feelings and that should pretty much be it. I know what tyres I’m going to use, so it’s just a case of getting a couple of good starts and following up with a couple of good results. It was good to win Superpole today, but I was honestly just making sure of a front row grid place. __________________


Paul Carruthers