Help Kevin Atherton

| October 20, 2006
From a press release…

Photographer Jim Grant is having a auction to help Kevin Atherton. Details are available at: go to the Flattrack forum.

I will be awarding this 2ft x 3ft to the highest bidder. This is to help Kevin with his outstanding medical bills he has racked up in the past few months. The shot was from Greenville Ohio 2005. I have been staying in contact with him at least 2 times a week and follow up on his Dr.s appointments. He has migraine headaches and ringing in the ears along with some spinal issues I’d rather not comment on until I know further. The Gallery Image will be delivered to your door in a heavy duty protective box. Bidding will end Thursday Oct. 27th at 2400 hrs.

I have contributed this out of my own collection.

The Gallery Series is a display of some of the best pictures I have taken throughout my career so far. They are as beautiful as they are unique. At first site you will notice its impressive size measuring 2 feet by 3 feet. Each printed piece is individually hand mounted to a wood base and beautifully enhanced and protected with a special hardened high gloss formula. Each Gallery has a hidden frame that elevates the design one inch from the wall. The result is a dynamic wall hanging that reflects light and captures the subject in a way that’s very different from traditional photography, framing, and paintings. I’m starting the bidding out at $100.00

For more information on how to help Kevin or more info on this artwork, please contact: Jay Shelton Racer Marketing Company at:, phone/fax: 570-345-2929.

By Steve Atlas