Chisholm, Nicolette Top Englishtown

| October 2, 2006

After torrential downpours the night before threatened to create a mudfest for the 30th running of the Kawasaki Race of Champions, in Eglishtown, New Jersey, September 30-October 1, the sun broke out just after Pro practice and left the track in terrific shape.

Defending Champion Team Green’s Kyle Chisholm, fresh off a Canadian National Motocross Championship, took on all comers, and had it not for a first-moto crash that literally knocked him unconscious he would’ve swept everything.

Privateer Honda rider “Factory” Phil Nicoletti went 1-2 for the overall win in the 250 Pro class. Barry Carsten went 3-4 for second overall followed by Damien Plotts, Ben Ritter, and Robby Marshall.

In the 125 Pro class, Chisholm kept it on two wheels and soundly beat his opposition. Marshall was second overall followed by Carsten, Ritter, and Paul Lamb.


125 Pro: 1. Kyle Chisholm (Kaw); 2. Robby Marshall (Kaw); 3. Barry Carsten (Suz); 4. Ben Ritter (Kaw); 5. Paul Lamb (Yam).

250 Pro: 1. Phil Nicoletti (Hon); 2. Barry Carsten (Suz); 3. Damien Plotts (Kaw); 4. Ben Ritter (Kaw); 5. Robby Marshall (Kaw).

By Freelance