Everts Wins Again In Britain

| June 19, 2006

Stefan Everts continued his winning streak yesterday at the British GP, taking place at England’s new Matterly Basin circuit. The defending champ went 1-1 for his 95th career GP victory, marking his eighth consecutive win in the MX1 class. KTM’s David Philippaerts topped the podium in the MX2 class, his second victory of the season.

Everts nearly let the victory slip away, however, with a crash off the start of the second moto. He had his work cut out for him as he worked his way back through the top five for the moto, and the overall victory. “When I crashed, I hit a rock and my back wheel went out of the rut,” Everts commented. But an aggressive ride got him back up front where he then cruised to victory.

The British GP also marked the return of Josh Coppins, who is back from a shoulder injury. Coppins surprised everyone by grabbing the holeshot in his first moto of the year, and then riding to a podium finish, scoring third overall with a 3-5 behind Kevin Strijbos (4-2).

“I wanted to come back in Sweden,” Coppins said, “but the team (CAS Honda) wanted me to come back here, being their home GP. I only started riding a little while ago, so I am far from 100% fit.” Based on his stellar performance, there is no doubt Coppins will join Strijbos in challenging Everts for the remainder of the series, perhaps not letting him take his record-breaking 10th World title in a clean sweep.

The Italian duo of Philippaerts (pictured) and Antonio Cairoli put on another great battle in the MX2 class, going 1-2 in the overall, respectively. Poor performances from Tyla Rattray, Christophe Pourcel and Marc de Reuver at the British GP allowed the two to further advance in overall points with Cairoli in second with 271 and Philippaerts in third at 257 points, both still behind Christophe Pourcel (305).

Rookie rider Tommy Searle was a favorite among his home crowd, edging out Sebastien Pourcel for third overall with an 8-3. “I didn’t know that when (Pourcel) passed me that was for the podium,” Searle said, “so I am glad I could get him back. I am really happy; I rode my first GP in England last year, and to podium in England is a great achievment.”

The series continues in two weeks in Uddevalla, Sweden for round nine of the FIM MX World Championship.

British Grand Prix

Matterly Basin, England

Overall Results: MX1 Class

1. Stefan Everts (Yam) 1-1

2. Kevin Strijbos (Suz) 4-2

3. Joshua Coppins (Hon) 3-5

4. Ken De Dijcker (Hon) 2-7

5. Tanel Leok (Kaw) 6-4

6. Cedric Melotte (Yam) 5-8

7. Steve Ramon (Suz) 14-3

8. Johathan Barragan (KTM) 12-6

9. Vico Garcia (Hon) 8-10

10. James Noble (Hon) 11-12

Overall Results: MX2 Class

1. David Philippaerts (KTM) 1-2

2. Antonio Cairoli (Yam) 6-1

3. Tommy Searle (Kaw) 8-3

4. Billy Mackenzie (Yam) 3-8

5. Kenneth Gundersen (Yam) 5-6

6. Christophe Pourcel (Kaw) 2-12

7. Sebastien Pourcel (Kaw) 10-4

8. Rui Goncalves (KTM) 12-5

9. Carl Nunn (KTM) 11-9

10. Anthony Boissiere (Yam) 14-7

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