Coolbeth Flies at Farley HM

| August 6, 2005
Mid-America Harley-Davidson/Jones Powersports’ Kenny Coolbeth continued his charge toward a possible first career AMA Ford Quality Checked Flat Track Championship title by scoring his second win of the season during round 10 of the series at Farley Speedway in Farley, Iowa, tonight. Ford Quality Checked Certified Pre-owned Racing-backed Chris Carr finished second to remain an obstacle in Coolbeth’s path, but just barely. Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson’s Rich King was third, earning his second podium finish in as many weeks.

Coolbeth got off the line second, behind Latus Motors Harley-Davidson’s Joe Kopp, who was looking for his third win in as many rounds, at the start of the 25-lap main event. Coolbeth then passed Kopp on lap four and went on to lead the race all the way to the checkered flag. King started fourth, behind Bryan Bigelow, then made a pass on Bigelow on lap 10 before running down Kopp, the two battling back and forth for the second spot late in the race. That battle allowed the crafty Carr to catch them both after coming from down in sixth place at the start. Carr went from fourth to second on lap 23 and stayed there for the remaining two laps to lessen the points damage that he suffered to Coolbeth. King held off Kopp for third, with Bigelow finishing fifth after his most solid performance of the season.

Coolbeth’s win inched him closer to Carr in the series standings. Carr still leads Coolbeth, but only by five points, 171-166. Kopp is third, with 144, while Jared Mees is fourth, with 129. King is now fourth, with 105, while Jake Johnson, who failed to make the main event at Farley, is fifth, with 99.

Farley Speedway
Farley, Iowa
Results: August 6, 2005 (Round 10 of 16):
GRAND NATIONAL (25 laps; 18 riders): 1. Kenny Coolbeth (H-D); 2. Chris Carr (H-D); 3. Rich King (H-D); 4. Joe Kopp (H-D); 5. Bryan Bigelow (H-D); 6. Jared Mees (H-D); 7. Kevin Atherton (H-D); 8. Willie McCoy (H-D); 9. Tim Eades (H-D); 10. Paul Lynch (H-D); 11. Kevin Varnes (Suz); 12. Shaun Russell (H-D); 13. Geo Roeder II (H-D); 14. Bryan Smith (H-D); 15. Jethro Halbert (H-D); 16. A.J. Eslick (H-D); 17. Cory McDermitt (H-D); 18. Jess Roeder (H-D).

AMA FORD QUALITY CHECKED FLAT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 10 of 16 rounds): 1. Chris Carr (171/2 wins); 2. Kenny Coolbeth (166/2 wins); 3. Joe Kopp (144/2 wins); 4. Jared Mees (129/1 win); 5. Rich King (105); 6. Jake Johnson (99/1 win); 7. Bryan Smith (87); 8. Shaun Russell (79); 9. JR Schnabel (71/1 win); 10. Bryan Bigelow (70); 11. Willie McCoy (69); 12. (TIE) Nick Cummings (68)/Johnny Murphree (68); 14. Kevin Varnes (61); 15. Henry Wiles (60); 16. Jay Springsteen (39); 17. Geo Roeder II (35); 18. John Raun Wood (29); 19. Dominic Beaulac (27); 20. (TIE) Kevin Atherton (25)/Tim Eades (25).

By Scott Rousseau