Lafferty Day in New Jersey

Kit Palmer | April 11, 2005

Mike Lafferty and Rich Lafferty finished 1-2 at the fourth round of the AMA FMF Racing National Enduro Series, held in the Lafferty’s backyard in Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, yesterday.

Russell Bobbitt, who finished third, made it a KTM 1-2-3 sweep.

Honda rider Kevin Bennett and Gas Gas-mounted Fred Hoess rounded out the top five. Sixth place went to KTM’s David Lykke, followed by Gas Gas rider Wallace Palmer, Kawasaki-mounted Steve Hatch, KTM rider Anthony Geraci and Yamaha pilot Brian Carden.

After nabbing his second win of the season, Mike Lafferty now enjoys a healthy points lead over Hatch, 97-76.

O/A: 1. Mike Lafferty (KTM) 28; 2. Richard Lafferty (KTM) 40; 3. Russel Bobbitt (KTM) 40; 4. Kevin Bennett (Hon) 41; 5. Fred Hoess (GG) 42; 6. David Lykke (KTM) 43; 7. Wallace Palmer (GG) 48; 8. Steve Hatch (Kaw) 48; 9. Anthony Geraci (KTM) 50; 10. Brian Carden (Yam).

FMF AMA NATIONAL ENDURO SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 4 of 8 rounds): 1. Mike Lafferty (97/2 wins); 2. Steve Hatch (76/1 win); 3. Matt Stavish (69); 4. David Lykke (68); 5. Billy Russell (54); 6. Russell Bobbitt (46); 7. Tim Taber (36); 8. Richard Lafferty (34); 9. Mike Monroe (25); 10. John Barber (22).

Kit Palmer | Off-Road Editor

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