Carmichael Wins World SX Opener

| December 4, 2004

The Supercross season got underway this weekend in Toronto, Canada, and what an opening it was. While the event didn’t attract every top rider from the United States there was still quite a few factory stars on hand for the racing action. Team Suzuki’s Ricky Carmichael and Sebastian Tortelli, Yamaha’s Timmy Ferry and Heath Voss, Team KTM’s Josh Hansen and Nathan Ramsey and Team Amsoil/Napster Honda’s Mike LaRocco all turned out for the first time event.

Going into the race Carmichael was the favorite to take the win, and when everything was said and done the speedy Floridian proved that it didn’t matter what color his bike was.

Carmichael started the weekend by being the fastest in practice and proceeded to take that momentum into the evening’s racing. As he easily took the win in his qualifier, well ahead of second place finisher Ferry. Then, in the main event, Carmichael dominated.

The start saw Team Moto XXX’s Kyle Lewis take the holeshot; however, he was quickly passed by Carmichael before the first lap was over. By the halfway point Carmichael had a lead of eleven seconds over second place Mike LoRocco. In third was last year’s World Supercross Champion Voss who was in a battle with Ferry and Sebastian Tortelli for the final spot on the podium. Then on lap 12 Tortelli went down, effectively ending his night. He got up, but returned to the pits slightly banged up. At the end of the race Carmichael crossed the finish line almost a minute ahead of second place LoRocco, with Ferry finishing third.

The 125cc class was dominated by Team KTM’s Ramsey who was aboard the all-new KTM 250cc four-stroke. Ramsey easily won his qualifier. While in the main he got the holeshot and rode the entire event uncontested. Finishing second behind Ramsey was Team ECC/Honda’s Robbie Kiniry, while third went to Canadian Ryan Lockart aboard his Yamaha.

Next weekend the series heads to Vancouver, Canada before heading down south to the United States, at Anaheim on January 8, where the long awaited match up of Carmichael, Reed and Stewart will take place.


250 HEAT 1: Jeff Gibson (Hon); 2. Jason Thomas (Hon); 3. Kyle Lewis (Hon); 4. Damon Huffman (Hon); 5. Justin Buckelew (Hon); 6. Ryan Clark (Yam); 7. Sean Hamblin (Kaw); 8. Joe Oehlhof (Hon); 9. John Dowd (Suz); 10. James Povolny (Hon); 11. Jimmy Wilson (Hon); 12. Ryan Lockhart (Yam); 13. Doug Dehaan (Yam).

250 HEAT 2: 1. Ricky Carmichael (Suz); 2. Timmy Ferry (Yam); 3. Tyler Evans (Suz); 4. Mike LoRocco (Hon); 5. Sebastian Tortelli (Suz); 6. Heath Voss (Yam); 7. Nick Wey (Hon); 8. Josh Hamsen (KTM); 9. Erik Vallejo (Yam); 10. Isaiah Johnson (Yam); 11. Brian Mason (-); 12. Keith Johnson (Yam); 13. S. Homans (-); 14. Clark Stiles (Hon); 15. Barry Carsten (Suz).

250 SEMI 1: 1. Sean Hamblin (Kaw); 2. Joe Oehlhof (Hon); 3. Ryan Clark (Yam); 4. Justin Buckelew (Hon); 5. Doug Dehaan (Yam); 6. John Dowd (Suz); 7. Jimmy Wilson (Hon); 8. Ryan Lockhart (Yam); 9. James Povolny (Hon); 10. K. Gregoire (-).

250 SEMI 2: 1. Sebastian Tortelli (Suz); 2. Heath Voss (Yam); 3. Nick Wey (Hon); 4. Eric Vallejo (Yam); 5. Isaiah Johnson (Yam); 6. Clark Stiles (Hon); 7. Keith Johnson (Yam); 8. Brian Mason (Hon); 9. Josh Hansen (KTM); 10. Barry Carsten (Suz).

250 LCQ: 1. Josh Hansen (KTM); 2. Keith Johnson (Yam); 3. James Povolny (Hon); 4. Brian Mason (Hon); 5. Jimmy Wilson (Hon); 6. Clark Stiles (Hon); 7. Barry Carsten (Suz); 8. Ryan Lockhart (Yam); 9. S. Homans (-); 10. K. Gregoire (-).

250 MAIN: 1. Ricky Carmichael (Suz); 2. Mike LaRocco (Hon); 3. Timmy Ferry (Yam); 4. Nick Wey (Hon); 5. Heath Voss (Yam); 6. Tyler Evans (Suz); 7. Keith Johnson (Yam); 8. Jason Thomas (Hon); 9. Damon Huffman (Hon); 10. Doug Dehaan (Yam); 11. Erik Vallejo (Yam); 12. Joe Oehlhof (Hon); 13. Ryan Clark (Yam); 14. Kyle Lewis (Hon); 15. Justin Buckelew (Hon); 16. Isaiah Johnson (Yam); 17. Josh Hansen (KTM); 18. Jeff Gibson (Hon); 19. Sebastian Tortelli (Suz); 20. Sean Hamblin (Kaw).

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