Team Honda Wins Baja 1000

Kit Palmer | November 20, 2004

Team Honda’s Steve Hengeveld, Johnny Campbell and Kendal Normall won this year’s 37th running of the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, which got underway Thursday and concluded Friday morning. The XR650-mounted team was the first vehicle to cross the finish line, completing the Ensenada-to-LaPaz race in 15 hours, 57 minutes and 37 seconds, with a speed average of 63.505 mph.

The win was the fifth for Hengeveld and the eighth straight for Campbell.

Second overall in the motorcycle division went to the KTM team of Chris Blais, Kellon Walch, Andy Grider and Scot Harden, who rode a KTM 700 LC4 specially built for this race. The team finished about 25 minutes behind the winning Honda crew.

Third overall motorcycle was the winning Class 40 team made up of Jim O’Neal, Tim Withers and Jeff Kaplan. They were aboard a Honda XR650.

The top-finishing four-wheel vehicle was a Class 1 Ford F-150 driven by Tory Herbst and former motorcycle Baja 1000 winner Larry Roeseler. Herbst and Roeseler finished the race in 16 hours, 18 minutes and 14 seconds, with a speed average of 62.17 mph.



1. Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, Calif./Johnny Campbell, San Clemente, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif., Honda XR650R, 15:57:37 (63.51mph) (Class 22)

2. Chris Blais, Apple Valley, Calif./Kellon Walch, Las Vegas/Andy Grider, Los Olivos, Calif./Scot Harden, Menefee, Calif., KTM 700LC4, 16:22:12 (61.92mph) (Class 22)

3. Jim O’Neal, Chatsworth, Calif./Tim Withers, Pepeekeo, Hawaii/Jeff Kaplan, Newbury Park, Calif., Honda XR650, 17:33:13 (57.74mph) (Class 40)

4. Gerardo Rojas, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico/Sergio Vega/Manuel Santana, Ensenada, Mexico, Honda XR650, 17:35:23 (57.62mph) (Class 30)

5. Lukas Lundin/PG Lundmark, Canada, Honda XR650, 18:22:11(55.18mph) (Class 40)

6. Brian Pinard, Wildomar, Calif./Bo Harris, Fallbrook, Calif./Jim McKay/Roland Bucher, Hemet, Calif./Martin Lemiereux, Canada, Honda XR650R, 18:32:15 (54.68mph) (Class 22)

7. Matt Lyman, Honolulu/Steven Trinies, Kanehoe, Hawaii/Darryl Hambleton, Acton, Calif., Honda XR650, 18:57:02 (53.48mph) (Class 40)

8. Mike Childress, Wrightwood, Calif./Mouse McCoy, Santa Monica, Calif./Chuck Dempsey, Hesperia, Calif., Honda XR650R, 19:05:25 (53.09mph) (Class 22)

9. Michael Laenger, Sherman Oaks, Calif./Kent Perkins, Bakersfield, Calif./Seward Ogden, Putney, Vt./Kevin Ward, Chatsworth, Calif., Honda XR650, 19:29:39 (51.99mph) (Class 40)

10. Fred Brown/Perry Brown/Tommy Tomlinson, Rural Retreat, Va., Honda XR650R, 20:11:31 (50.20mph)

Kit Palmer | Off-Road Editor

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