Alessi For First Three GPs

| November 14, 2004

KTM’s Mike Alessi will race in the first three Grands Prix of the 2005 World Motocross Championship – the Belgian Grand Prix on April 4, the Spanish Grand Prix on April 17 and the Portuguese Grand Prix on April 24.

The young rider who shocked the world with a podium finish in only his second AMA 250cc Motocross championship race this year says he is looking forward to his European appearance.

“I will be doing the opening three rounds of the World Motocross Championship,” Alessi said. “I am excited about the prospect of racing in Europe. I enjoyed the race I attended in Belgium this year and found the people to be very friendly.”

Harry Notle of KTM mentioned that it might be a good idea for the American to do a tune-up race in Holland just prior to the Grand Prix opener, although at this stage it is not sure if the teenager will race in Holland.

“I told him he should also do the opening round of the Dutch championship, that will be held a week before the opening round of the World Motocross championship in Zolder, and would be great preperation,” Notle said.

By Freelance