Poland ISDE Update II

Kit Palmer | September 9, 2004

The U.S. ISDE contingent had its first team meeting last night and according to our reporter hanging out with the U.S. squad, Steve Berkner, everyone is very optimistic about our Trophy team’s chances of a respectable finish. Trophy team captain, Drew Smith, told everyone that the team is constantly trying to improve their performance at the Six Days and this year’s effort will be measured in “baby steps.” Smith also reminded everyone that, “Anything can happen in team sports and with a little luck…”

According to Berkner, most of the bike prep is finished and the 40-plus riders have now focused their attention on the special tests, walking as many as they can.

“I went to all of the special tests for days one and two and found mostly harvested wheat fields that have grass tracks ribboned off,” said Berkner. “A cross-test is a wheat field with a few double jumps built in, while an enduro test seems to be the same kind of course only with no man-made obstacles.”

Now the important stuff: The nightlife. When the riders and crews aren’t packing silencers, trying to get their bike’s taillights to work, figuring out jetting, or walking the tests, they’re blowing off some steam in the town of Kielce. This is the time when everyone can have some fun and squeeze in a little sightseeing before the serious stuff begins in a few days.

“The night life has been pretty exiting,” said Berkner, “that is if you don’t mind listening to some M.C. Hammer remix with that funky Euro beat [in the local discos]. But the local beer is exceptional, though everyone is leery of the straight shots of vodka that they like so much here.”

Berkner added, “Poland is getting ready to switch to the Euro and their currency, the Zloty, has gained in value against the U.D. Dollar, but don’t worry, nobody is going hungry or, should I say, thirsty.”

Berkner added that Parc Ferme is located at a roadrace course that has plenty of facilities, such as a press center, restaurant, meeting rooms and real WCs. The work area is laid out in the center of the facility’s mile-long banked oval.

Kit Palmer | Off-Road Editor

Kit Palmer started his career at Cycle News in 1984 and he’s been testing dirt and streetbikes every since – plus covering any event that uses some form of a knobby tire. He’s also our resident motorcycle mileage man with a commute of 120 miles a day.