Nathan Kanney Update

| September 14, 2004

As we reported yesterday USA Trophy Team member Nathan Kanney crashed on the first day of competition at the ISDE in Poland. According to our man on the scene, Steve Berkner, it turned out to be much worse than originally expected.

“Nathan Kanney underwent emergency surgery late here Monday to stop internal bleeding from a ruptured spleen,” Berkner said. “It was caused by a crash during the opening day. Kanney had just left the start of the event when his bike swapped out and he hit a tree. After making repairs to his bike Kanney continued riding the first 125-kilometer loop.”

According to Berkner, Drew Smith, the US Team Manager, noticed that Kanney was in quite a bit of pain when he came back to the pits to make the needed repairs but he wanted to continue.

“His biggest concern was that he didn’t want to let the team down so he decided he wanted to continue,” Smith said. “We were concerned about him so we sent a chase rider to follow him to make sure he was going to be all right.”

At the end of the first loop Kanney consulted with the medical staff, and Smith. At that time it was decided that Kanney needed medical assistance and he was taken by ambulance to a Kielce hospital.

“I’m just glad he had sense enough to stop when he did,” Smith said. Kanney’s surgery lasted into the early evening, he is recovering in a Kielce Hospital and he should be released later this week.

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By Brendan Lutes