LaRocco Wins Aussie Masters SX

Paul Carruthers | September 7, 2004

The following is from Mike LaRocco’s publicist…

In his first trip to Australia since the 1992 Motocross Des Nations, Team AMSOIL/Chaparral/Factory Connection/Honda’s Mike LaRocco captured the top spot in the Australian Supercross Masters race at the Sydney SuperDome this past weekend, winning all five motos he entered, including the main event.

“We raced in one of those smaller stadiums they used for the Olympic Games (in 2000),” said LaRocco. “There were three heats, a semi and a main event and I was able to win all of them.”

LaRocco said the competition was pretty good, and he was surprised with how well he rode. The track was small, 25 second lap times and the heats were only four laps, which bode well for LaRocco who hasn’t raced but once this summer (Red Bud).

“I got four out of the five holeshots, which was definitely the highlight of my vacation,” he said with a laugh.

This weekend LaRocco will be in Nashville for the Honda Dealer Convention. His next race is the U.S. Open, October 8-10.

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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