Kopp Releases Smith

| June 25, 2004
According to AMA Grand National announcer and Cycle News contributor J.B. Norris, Joe Kopp’s tuner Travis Smith has announced that he was released by Kopp yesterday and will no longer tune the number 3 KTM/Jones Powersports bikes.

Smith, in his first full season as tuner/crew chief, wrenched Kopp to two GNC wins and 10 podium finishes last year, resulting in a third place finish in the Championship. The Kopp/Smith combination is currently second in Progressive Insurance Grand National points, with third- and fifth-place finishes at the recent Springfield TT and Mile.

Smith said he had the bikes prepped for this weekend’s races and shared the winning setup notes from Lima last year with Kopp. He said Kopp plans to tune his own motorcycle at this weekend’s twin bill. Smith wished Kopp well.

Smith has his tools of the trade and is ready to spin the wrenches for another team. Anyone wishing to hire a GNC-winning tuner can reach him at 217/841-6231.

By Scott Rousseau