Russ Pearson Gets His Points Back

Mark Kariya | May 19, 2004

The so-called “charges” against Russ Pearson for hazardous riding at the finish line area at the Ocotillo National Hare & Hound last Saturday, May 15, were dropped, and the defending hare and hound champ has been officially awarded his third-place finish and, more importantly, given back his third-place points.

“It’s over,” Pearson said after the AMA reinstated his third-place finish. “Now I can sleep at night and not toss and turn worrying about it.”

Apparently there was some confusion as to the layout of the course right at the finish, which was complicated by dusty conditions.

“The last thing I’d want to do is hurt anybody,” Pearson said early.

Mike Cuff of the Sidewinders Motorsports, the event’s promoter, informed Pearson of the decision (his disqualification) in a phone call on Sunday night, May 16. According to a spokeswoman for club, however, that wasn’t within the time frame that such actions are allowed by AMA Sports rules. If the disqualification had been done within 30 minutes of posting the results, it would have stood, she said.

Pearson filled an appeal, and after further investigation, the charges were dropped before it made it to the appeal board.

The latest point standings are as follows:

1. David Pearson (143)

2. Russell Pearson (133)

3. Brian Brown (112)

4. Destry Abbott (108)

5. Rob Phillips (71)

Mark Kariya | Contributor

Kariya spends way too much time in the desert, but we’re glad he does as he’s the man who gets us our coverage of all things sandy.