Jorgensen Wins German MX GP

Paul Carruthers | May 2, 2004

Honda’s Brian Jorgensen won today’s Grand Prix of Germany at the Talkessel circuit in Teutschenthal, the Dane winning both motos on the day.

Second place overall went to Yamaha’s Stefan Everts, the defending World Champion finishing second behind Jorgensen in the second moto after finishing third in the first.

Yamaha’s Cedric Melotte ended up third overall, with Melotte posting a 2-5 score.

Suzuki’s Joel Smets had his best outing of the year thus far, finishing fourth overall.

Everts lead the World Championship over Melotte, 218-188.

Overall Results

1. Brian Jorgensen

2. Stefan Everts

3. Cedric Melotte

4. Joel Smets

5. Joshua Coppins

6. Steve Ramon

7. Marnicq Bervoets

8. Mickael Pichon

9. Tanel Leok

10. Javier Garcia Vico

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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