Windham Takes Phoenix

| January 11, 2004

Amsoil/Chaparral Honda’s Kevin Windham ended Chad Reed’s 2004 supercross win streak before it even started by jetting out to the holeshot and dominating all 20 laps of the Phoenix Supercross 250cc main at Bank One Ballpark on his factory CRF450R.

Last week’s winner, Yamaha’s Reed, started outside the top five and didn’t get into second until Windham already had a significant lead. After that, though, Reed couldn’t cut into it. The perfect season is no longer in question.

Windham held about a six- or seven-second lead for the majority of the main event, only losing time to Reed once he put it on cruise control the last couple of laps – though he still won by over two seconds. Reed was followed closely by Windham’s teammate Mike LaRocco, who had a scary crash in his heat race again this week but bounced back for his first podium of the year.

Greg Schnell actually got the holeshot honors in the 125cc main, but Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Ivan Tedesco eventually made it past and into the lead, followed soon by his teammate Stephane Roncada. The two were heads and shoulders faster than the rest of the field in the early going, with the only late charge coming from former champ Travis Preston, who came from pretty far behind to nab third. The Amsoil/Chaparral CRF250R pilot was actually gaining on Roncada in the end, but came up just a couple seconds short.

Last week the story was that Team Yamaha swept the podium. This week, Amsoil/Chaparral Honda fielded four riders (LaRocco, Windham, Preston and Chris Gosselaar), and three of them were on the podium.

250cc MAIN (20 laps): 1. Kevin Windham (Hon); 2. Chad Reed (Yam); 3. Mike LaRocco (Hon); 4. Ezra Lusk (Yam); 5. Timmy Ferry (Yam); 6. Nick Wey (Suz); 7. David Vuillemin (Yam); 8. Sean Hamblin (Suz); 9. Tyler Evans (Suz); 10. Michael Byrne (Kaw); 11. Damon Huffman (Hon); 12. Grant Langston (KTM); 13. Heath Voss (Yam); 14. Mike Brown Yam); 15. Keith R. Johnson (Yam); 16. Robbie Reynard (Hon); 17. Joe Oehlhof (Hon); 18. Ryan Clark (Yam); 19. Daryl Hurley (Suz); 20. Ernesto Fonseca (Hon).

THQ AMA SUPERCROSS SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 2 of 16 rounds): 1. Chad Reed (47/1 win); 2. Mike LaRocco (38); 3. Kevin Windham (37/1 win); 4. (TIE) David Vuillemin/Timmy Ferry (36); 6. Ezra Lusk (31); 7. (TIE) Michael Byrne/Tyler Evans (27); 9. Damon Huffman (24); 10. Sean Hamblin (23); 11. Nick Wey (21); 12. Heath Voss (17); 13. Keith R. Johnson (13); 14. Ernesto Fonseca (12); 15. Grant Langston (10); 16. Jason Thomas (8); 17. (TIE) Mike Brown/Robbie Reynard (7); 19. Ryan Clark (6); 20. Isaiah Johnson (5); 21. (TIE) Joe Oehlhof/Clark Stiles (4); 23. Daryl Hurley (2).

125cc MAIN (15 laps): 1. Ivan Tedesco (Kaw); 2. Stephane Roncada (Kaw); 3. Travis Preston (Hon); 4. Andrew Short (Suz); 5. Brock Sellards (Yam); 6. Chris Gosselaar (Hon); 7. Greg Schnell (Hon); 8. Jeff Gibson (Yam); 9. Josh Summey (Yam); 10. Johnny Marley (Hon); 11. Nathan Ramsey (Hon); 12. Michael Blose (Yam); 13. Josh Hansen (Yam); 14. Eric Nye (Yam); 15. Jonathan Shimp (Hon); 16. Cole Siebler (Yam); 17. Richie Owens (Kaw); 18. Tim Weigand (Hon); 19. Brian Gray (Suz); 20. Troy Adams (Kaw); 21. Matt Walker (Kaw); 22. Bobby Kiniry (Suz).

AMA 125cc WESTERN REGIONAL SUPERCROSS SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 2 of 8 rounds): 1. Ivan Tedesco (50/2 wins); 2. Stephane Roncada (42); 3. Andrew Short (36); 4. Travis Preston (33); 5. Nathan Ramsey (32); 6. Brock Sellards (30); 7. (TIE) Chris Gosselaar/Greg Schnell (26); 9. Josh Hansen (23); 10. Johnny Marley (18); 11. (TIE) Troy Adams/Jeff Gibson (17); 13. Josh Summey (15); 14. Cole Siebler (14); 15. (TIE) Steve Boniface/Brian Gray (10); 17. Michael Blose (9); 18. Eric Nye (7); 19. Jonathan Shimp (6).

By Freelance