Day One is Here

Kit Palmer | November 3, 2003

After some anxious moments, this year’s International Six Days Enduro in Fortaleza, Brazil, is officially underway. All though it’s still early, we can tell you that all of the U.S. riders got started on time and are currently on the trail. U.S. Club rider Luke McNeil, however, got just a few yards off the start when his bike suddenly stopped and started spewing fuel everywhere, thanks to stuck floats. He lost about 15 minutes on the side of the road, but with a little bit of luck, there’s enough time at the first check that he might make it there on time.

An Argentine Trophy rider also had problems. He got about as far as McNeal when his bike locked up solid.

This year’s U.S. World Trophy team is made up of Ty Davis, Rodney Smith, Jason Raines, Mike Lafferty, Mike Kiedrowski and Barry Hawk. Wallace Palmer, Russell Bobbit, Pearson and Kurt Casilli make up this year’s U.S. Junior World team.

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Pictured: U.S. Junior World team rider David Pearson anxiously awaits for his minute to arrive so he can get started.

Kit Palmer | Off-Road Editor

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