Carmichael Wins Another at Mt. Morris

| May 25, 2003

The following is a press release from AMA Pro Racing:

Ricky Carmichael holds a slew of AMA racing records. On Sunday the 23-year-old rider from Havana, Fla., passed another major milestone in round three of the AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship in front of 18,305 fans at High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, Pa. Carmichael won a record 90th combined AMA Motocross/Supercross national.

Carmichael held off fellow Honda rider Kevin Windham in both motos to remain unbeaten in three AMA 250 Motocross nationals so far this season. The two riders swapped the lead early in both motos before Carmichael eventually pulled out a slight lead by the checkered flag.

Tim Ferry finished third on a Yamaha with a 4-3 finish. Ferry battled in both motos with teammate Chad Reed.

Carmichael’s combined AMA Motocross/Supercross win record pushes him past the recently retired Jeremy McGrath, who had 89-career wins in his 14-year professional career. It has taken Carmichael a little over six years in the pro ranks to break McGrath’s mark. McGrath won the majority of his races in AMA Supercross competition, Carmichael primarily in motocross.

“A lot of people helped me reach this record,” said an ecstatic Carmichael. “I could never imagine reaching this point when I started in this sport. I never worried about records, I simply worked hard and focused on winning and look what happened!”

In addition to the combined record, Carmichael pushed his all-time AMA 250 Motocross win record to 31. His record overall winning streak in the 250 class is now pushed to 15 straight dating back to the first race in 2002. This also marks Carmichael’s second 250 win at High Point. He also had two wins at the track in the 125 ranks.

Michael Brown rode his Pro Circuit Kawasaki to an exciting victory in the 125 class in an epic battle with KTM’s Ryan Hughes. Hughes took advantage when Brown ran off the track in the first moto to take a close win. In the second moto Brown nudged Hughes off the edge of the track. Hughes fell 15 feet off the outside of a raised berm, but made a spectacular save to continue chasing Brown. In the end an apologetic Brown held on to take the win and the overall.

“I made a mistake when I ran wide and caused Ryan to fly off the track,” Brown admitted. “I’m not out there trying to hurt anybody. I raised my hand to apologize to Ryan. He’s a great sport and an excellent rider. We’ve raced against each other for a long time and I respect him a lot.”

For Brown it was his sixth-career 125 national win. That ties him for 20th overall on the all-time AMA 125 Motocross wins list with Mike LaRocco. Only one point separates Brown and Hughes in the series standings.

Eric Sorby took third with a 3-3 finish. He moved into sole possession of third in the 125 standings.

The series takes a week off and returns to action June 8 in Southwick, Mass.

Results (Unofficial)

250cc National

1. Ricky Carmichael, Honda.

2. Kevin Windham, Honda.

3. Tim Ferry, Yamaha.

4. Chad Reed, Yamaha.

5. David Vuillemin, Yamaha.

6. Mike LaRocco, Honda.

7. Sean Hamblin, Suzuki.

8. Ezra Lusk, Kawasaki.

9. Ernesto Fonseca, Honda.

10. Larry Ward, Honda.

11. Nick Wey, Yamaha.

12. Joaquim Rodrigues, KTM.

13. Clark Stiles, Honda.

14. Nathan Ramsey, Honda.

15. John Dowd, KTM.

16. Jason Thomas, Honda.

17. Akira Narita, Suzuki.

18. Jean Sebastien Roy, Honda.

19. Bobby Bonds, Kawasaki.

20. Keith R. Johnson, Yamaha.

125cc National

1. Michael Brown, Kawasaki.

2. Ryan Hughes, KTM.

3. Eric Sorby, Kawasaki.

4. Grant Langston, KTM.

5. Ivan Tedesco, Yamaha.

6. Michael Byrne, Honda.

7. Michael Brandes, Yamaha.

8. Stephane Roncada, Suzuki.

9. Craig Anderson, Yamaha.

10. Christopher Gosselaar, Honda.

11. Brett Metcalfe, KTM.

12. Ryan Mills, Honda.

13. Daryl Hurley, Suzuki.

14. Brian Gray, Suzuki.

15. Steve Lamson, Suzuki.

16. Tim Weigand, Honda.

17. Brock Sellards, Yamaha.

18. Matthieu Lalloz, Suzuki.

19. Jeff Gibson, Suzuki.

20. Barry Carsten, Suzuki.

Point Standings


1. Ricky Carmichael, 147.

2. Chad Reed, 120.

3. Tim Ferry, 114.

4. Kevin Windham, 113.

5. Mike LaRocco, 90.


1. Michael Brown, 136.

2. Ryan Hughes, 135.

3. Eric Sorby, 116.

4. Grant Langston, 112.

5. Ivan Tedesco, 72.

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