CCE Announces Silver Cup for K&N Series

| April 10, 2003
Clear Channel Entertainment – Motor Sports announced today the addition of the Silver Cup Main Event at the K&N Filters Pro Series. In an effort to enhance the racing program for spectators while spreading the purse money further into the program for riders, Formula USA will post $1000 in the Silver Cup main, an event for riders not qualifying into the K&N Filters Pro National, at all K&N Series events.

Transponders will be used to qualify riders from timed-practice sessions into the 48-rider program. Three heat races of 18 riders will be run, transferring the top four from each heat directly to the K&N Filters Pro National. All remaining riders will transfer to one of two semi-qualifiers with the top three in each going into the K&N Filters Pro National. Riders finishing fourth through 12th in their semi-qualifier will qualify for the $1000 Silver Cup Main event.

“We are going to eliminate our Last Chance Qualifier races from the program,” Mike Kidd, Vice President of Clear Channel Entertainment Motor Sports. “We looked at our format, and to be honest, there were some great riders who missed the main events by one spot, so we are transferring one more rider from our semis. Also, when we had guys miss the main from their semi, they had to turn around and rush, rush, rush to make the LCQ. This way, we’ll take $1000 and pay 10 places in the Silver Cup main. We are still looking at our heat races and semis, and may possibly be adding more laps to those races.”

By Scott Rousseau