David’s Day

| December 7, 2002

David Vuillemin took the win at the first round of the THQ World Supercross GP Series tonight in Geneva, Switzerland.

Fellow Frenchman Sebastien Tortelli led more than half of the race before getting taken down by a charging Chad Reed.

Vuillemin started near the front and took the lead after Reed and Tortelli went down, and his teammate Tim Ferry following him into second on the YZ450F.

Jeremy McGrath started second but slowed with apparent mechanical difficulties. Instead of McGrath being KTM’s number-one finisher in Geneva, Grant Langston took that honor with his first 250cc podium in his first 250cc supercross event.

“It’s a good way to start the season and get ready for America,” Vuillemin said. “Number four will be there, so it will be hard.”

McGrath and Reed won the heats.

250cc Main Event:

1. David Vuillemin (Yam)

2. Tim Ferry (Yam)

3. Grant Langston (KTM)

4. Sebastien Tortelli (Suz)

5. Chad Reed (Yam)

6. Jeremy McGrath (KTM)

7. Mike LaRocco (Hon)

8. Joaquim Rodrigues (KTM)

9. Damon Huffman (Hon)

10. Stephane Demartis (Yam)

11. Ryan Clark (Yam)

12. Heath Voss (Yam)

13. Keith R. Johnson (Yam)

14. Andrew Short (Suz)

15. Joe Oehlhof (Yam)

16. Erick Vallejo (Yam)

17. James Povolny (Hon)

18. Kyle Lewis (Hon)

19. Nicolas Charlier (KTM)

20. Steve Boniface (KTM)

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