Belgium MX GP

| November 22, 2002

News out of Belgium is that a Belgian Motocross Grand Prix will go ahead. Despite the fact that a Belgian Grand Prix was not on the original 2003 calendar, issued by Dorna and the FIM, the race will go ahead in either Nismes (where the 1997 Motocross des Nations was held), Genk (where the last couple of Belgian Grands Prix were held, or Lommel – one of the most famous Motocross tracks in Belgium).

Johan Maris, the spokesman for the 2003 Belgian Motocross Grand Prix, told a Belgian newspaper that while no track or date is assured the event is 100 percent going to happen.

“We have spoken to Dorna,” Maris said. “It is sure we will have a Belgian GP this year, we are still working out which circuit will run the event, however everything has been organized, and we have made an agreement with Dorna.”

The favorite for the Grand Prix would probably be Lommel. Not only is it in the center of Belgium, it was for many years one of the most highly-anticipated Grands Prix due to its tradition – being a track which spawned many great Belgian champions. Lommel last held a Grand Prix back in 1997 when Estonian Avo Leok shocked the world to win the 500cc Grand Prix ahead of Joel Smets. Lommel also held three 250cc Grands Prix in the 1990s, which were won by Stefan Everts (1994), Marnicq Bervoets (1993) and Pekka Vehkonen (1990).

Nismes is another track which does not offer too much in the way of viewing, although it is situated only 100 miles from Brussels, and has the potential to attract a very good crowd. The last Grand Prix in Nismes was held in 1999, when Frederic Bolley won the 250cc GP. David Vuillemin, meanwhile, won the last 125cc Grand Prix played out in Nismes, back in 1998. Nismes also held Grand Prix races in the 1980s. Genk is very much an unpopular site for a GP, due to the poor facilities and very ordinary circuit.

By Freelance