Baja 1000

Kit Palmer | November 25, 2002

Unofficially, the Baja 1000 looks to have been won overall by the Team Honda team of Johnny Campbell, Andy Grider and Steve Hengeveld, who won the race overall in 16:17.25 (62.43 mph average!). The second vehicle overall was the Dan Smith/Dave Ashley Ford Trophy truck, which finished in 16:19.01 (62.33 mph).

The second- and third-place bikes were also Honda XR650Rs, and they belonged to the Brian Pinard/Craig Smith/Taber Murphy/Scott Myers team (17:18.51, 58.74 mph), sponsored by Temecula Motorsports, and the Kevin Ward/Scott Dunlavey/Mouse McCoy team (18:19.37), respectively. The latter team also won Class 30.

Kit Palmer | Off-Road Editor

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