Bercy SX Lineup

| October 3, 2002

This morning, we received an e-mail from Bercy Supercross organizer Xavier Audouard, with the current rider lineup for Paris, France’s Bercy Supercross, which will take place November 8-10. The event will field a quasi-des Nations format, with three teams doing battle – one with riders from the U.S., one with riders from France, and one with riders from everywhere else.

According to Audouard, Team USA will consist of Mike Brown (Kaw), Steve Lamson (Suz), Brock Sellards (Yam), Travis Preston (Hon), Nick Wey (Yam), David Pingree (KTM), Matt Walker (Kaw), Ivan Tedesco (Yam), Chris Gosselaar (Hon), Billy Lanilovich (KTM), Josh Hansen (Yam) and Damon Huffman. Sean Hamblin (Suz) is still a question mark. Reserve riders are Ryan Morais (Suz), Justin Buckelew (Kaw), Andrew Short (Suz) and Travis Elliott.

Team “Reste du Monde” comprises South African Grant Langston (KTM), Kiwi Ben Townley (KTM), Aussie Craig Andersson (Yam), South African Tyla Rattray (KTM), Portuguese Joakim Rodriguès (KTM), Aussie Michael Byrne (Hon), Spaniard Edgar Torronteras (Yam), Swiss Marc Ristori (Hon), Canadian Jean-Sébastien Roy (Hon), Estonian Tanel Leok (KTM), South African Wyatt Avis (Suz) and Italian Davide Degli Espoti (Suz). As for Steve Ramon, Patrick Caps, Josh Coppins, Brette Metcalfe and Akira Narita, all remain question marks. Reserve riders include Sydney Andrès and Hector Remacho.

Team France is made up of Mickael Maschio (Kaw), Steve Boniface (KTM), Thierry Bethys (Hon), Rodrig Thain (Yam), Serge Guidetty (Yam), Stéphane Demartis (Yam), Pascal Leuret (KTM), Antoine Letellier (Yam), Raphael Beaudouin (Suz) and Christophe Martin (Suz). One or two spots will be filled by reserve riders through practice-lap times.

By Freelance