ISDE – Day Three Results

Kit Palmer | September 27, 2002

After day three of the 77th ISDE in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic, the Finnish Trophy team continues to lead the way over France, while Sweden got knocked out of the running after having lost their second rider of the week. Moving into third is Great Britain, followed by Italy and Spain. Australia is currently sixth, while Slovakia, Poland, Belgium and the Czech Republic round out the top 10.

Earlier, we reported that the U.S. Trophy team had a good third day and zeroed the course, but to everyone’s surprise, two of our riders were later excluded for alleged technical infractions. Race officials claim that Greg Gillian cut off a small section of the course (reportedly by 20-25 yards), and excluded Brian Sperle for filling his bike up with gas while the engine was still running. Both riders started this morning (day four) and are competing under protest. Because of the exclusions, the U.S. Trophy team has dropped back from 11th to 15th.

France continues to lead the Junior World class over Finland and Italy, while the U.S. team moved up a notch to 14th.

Today, Friday (day four), some of the riders have already completed both loops and are done for the day. The day started off rainy, cloudy and cold, but the sun popped out for a short time in the early afternoon, but the damage was done.

The muddy course took its toll on many of the riders, and the U.S. team was hit particularly hard. So far, 10 riders, including two members of the Mastin family team – Amanda and Cody – have dropped out. And that list will most likely grow, as many U.S. riders are still out on the course, and some of them were over 40 minutes behind schedule after the first loop.

The U.S. team suffered its first injuries of the Six Days. Club rider Ken Tomeo did not start day four after slamming his thigh on this bike’s handlebars on day two. Tomeo started but didn’t quite finish day three and became concerned when the severe “Charlie horse” kept getting worse, Tomeo decided to visit a local hospital for tests.

Club rider Eric Moberg reportedly broke his collarbone today.

The battle for “Top American” honors is close one between Fred Hoess and David Pearson. Currently it’s Hoess who is USA’s top rider.

Mika Ahola, pictured, on the Vor four-stroke, is one of the top individual riders of the event.


Day 3 Results

World Trophy:

1. Finland

2. France

3. Great Britain

4. Italy

5. Spain

15. USA


Junior World Trophy:

1. France

2. Finland

3. Italy

4. Portugal

5. Spain

14. USA


Day 3 Team USA Results:

Fred Hoess – 31th (125 2T)

Wallace Palmer – 67th (125 2T)

Jonathan Seehorn – 74th (125 2T)

Tim Taber – 52th (250 2T)

Brian Sperle – Excluded, riding under protest (250 2T)

David Pearson – 30th (250 2T)

Morgan Crawford – 110th (250 2T)

Ron Schmelzle – 48th (250 2T)

Greg Gillian – Excluded, riding under protest (250 4T)

Eric Bailey – 80th (250 2T)

Randy Mastin – 105th (250 2T)

Lars Valin – 106th (250 2T)

Derrick Merrill – 136th (250 2T)

John Wells – 78th (250 2T)

Amanda Mastin – 134th (250 2T)

Mike McCarren – 129th (250 2T)

Ken Tomeo – Retired, leg injury (250 2T)

Eric Croy – 125th (250 2T)

Dave Wolfe – 62nd (250 2T)

Jeff Fredette – 72nd (250 2T)

Brett Dooley – 75th (250 2T)

Andy Stokely – 69th (250 2T)

Eric Moberg – 126th (250 2T)

Luke McNeil – 58th (250 2T)

Brian Storrie – 54th (250 2T)

Tom Huber – 139th (250 2T)

Lance Bross – 58th (250 4T)

Mark Thompson – 46th (250 4T)

J.D. Hammock – 57th (400 4T)

David Klein – 76th (400 4T)

John Yates – 56th (400 4T)

Chilly White – 65th (400 4T)

Cody Mastin – 61st (400 4T)

Andy Gutish – 77th (400 4T)

Paul Krause – 32nd (500 4T)

Steve Underwood – 47th (500 4T)

Curt Wilcox – 28th (500 4T)

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