ISDE – Day Five Results

Kit Palmer | September 28, 2002

For the first time since the start of the 77th ISDE in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic, the sun shined all day (Saturday) and the competitors didn’t have to ride around in the rain and mist. But the day-five course, the reversal of days one and two, featured yet another fast time schedule that forced the riders to keep their bikes pinned on the pavement. It has been said that over 600 citations have been handed out since the competition began on Tuesday.

The Finnish Trophy team still leads and, barring any major catastrophes, will most likely win this year’s World Trophy following today’s final motocross test, which will be held not far from Parc Ferme in Jablonec nad Nisou. The French team is still running second, followed by Sweden, Great Britain and Italy.

The U.S. Trophy team lost its second rider of the week on Saturday when Greg Gillian’s bike seized. The U.S. team is currently ranked 15th.

In the Junior World division, France continues to lead, while Portugal had a big day. Portugal climbed from fourth to second, while the Italian team, which had been running second, lost one of its riders and dropped way back. Spain is currently third, followed by Finland and Germany. The U.S. Junior World team, which has only two riders – Jason Seehorn and William Crawford – still in the running, is currently 12th.

In the accompanying photo, U.S. Club rider Brett Dooley begins a day-four special test.



World Trophy:

1. Finland

2. France

3. Sweden

4. Great Britain

5. Italy

15. USA


Junior World Trophy:

1. France

2. Portugal

3. Spain

4. Finland

5. Germany

12. USA


Day 5 Team USA Results:

Fred Hoess – 40th (125 2T?

Jonathan Seehorn – 63rd (125 2T)

David Pearson – 43rd (250 2T)

Morgan Crawford – 74th (250 2T)

Ron Schmelzle – 99th (250 2T)

Eric Bailey – 64th (250 2T)

Randy Mastin – 94th (250 2T)

Lars Valin – 87th (250 2T)

Derrick Merrill – 86th (250 2T)

John Wells – 89th (250 2T)

Mike McCarren – 115th (250 2T)

Dave Wolfe – 46th (250 2T)

Jeff Fredette – 27th (250 2T)

Brett Dooley – 76th (250 2T)

Andy Stokely – 72nd (250 2T)

Luke McNeil – 53rd (250 2T)

Brian Storrie – 34th (250 2T)

Lance Bross – 40th (250 4T)

Mark Thompson – 28th (250 4T)

John Yates – 47th (400 4T)

Chilly White – 54th (400 4T)

Paul Krause – 26th (500 4T)

Curt Wilcox – 31st (500 4T)

Kit Palmer | Off-Road Editor

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